Flag of Somalia: meaning and colors

Somalia is a country in East Africa, as a result of civil wars, disintended and assembled together again. Together with historical events changed symbols.

So the modern flag of Somalia looks:

Somalia Flag - 1

History of the flag of Somalia

In the XV-XVI centuries, the locality of modern Somalia held Sultanate Adal, whose flag was a vertical cloth, on which there were three vertical stripes – the central had a red color, the latter – white. On each of them, there was three crescent of the same colors (white – on red, red – on white).

Somalia Flag-2

Another part of the country was held by Imamat Ajuran, which existed from the XIII to the XVII century. The flag had a non-standard form – triangular. His whole square was shared by another two triangles – red and yellow, and a white crescent was a satellite.

Somalia Flag-3

In the XVI century, the territory belonged to Turkey, based on this, its flag was used as a municipal, reincarnated in a red rounded triangle with a yellow crescent.

Somalia Flag-4

In the XIX century in the northern part of the country, there was a Dervisian government (monks and ascetics), its flag – a rectangular green cloth with a red rectangle in the center.

Somalia Flag-5

From 1861 to 1946, part of the country belonged to Italy and had the same flag as the metropolis, only with the image of the coated shield – a red with a white cross in a blue frame.

Somalia Flag-6

In 1903, an English Somalia was formed, which had a blue flag with Union Jack in the upper corner of the ride and with income in the White Circle at the Free Right Finish.

Somali-7 flag

  • In 1950 her place was taken by the emblem of the colony, which was adjusted in 1952.

Somali-8 flag Somalia Flag-9

The modern flag was officially approved in the first half of the 60s of the twentieth century, but Mohamed Aval Liban made it 6 years earlier.


It is a one-photon cloth of a rectangular shape, in the center of which a five-pointed star is located. The aspect ratio of steak – 2:3.

Colors flag of Somalia

Has two colors:

  1. White;
  2. Blue.

Meaning colors of the flag of Somalia

  1. Blue was rejected as a sign of gratitude from the UN Flag, which made a good contribution to the liberation of Somalia from Italy. Not counting it he symbolizes the peaceful sky.
  2. White in Heraldry – Clean.
  3. Star – Freedom, and 5 of her finish – 5 regions of the country.

Other flags

On the terrain of the Somali Republic there are self-proclaimed countries, which have personal signs:

  • Avdalend – three vertical stripes, central – white, extensive last – blue. On it – the blue contour of the crescent and five-pointed star.

Somalia Flag-10

  • Azania – tricolor with white, blue, red stripes located horizontally.

Somalia Flag-11

  • Galmudoug – blue with a green triangle with a white contour of the trek, on it – crescent and white star.

Somalia Flag-12

  • Jubaland – Tricolor with green, blue, white horizontal stripes. In the center on the left side, “dissolves” one of the tops of the blue triangle with a white star on it.

Somalia-13 flag

  • Northland is like official.

Somalia Flag-14

  • Blue – as a state, but with white and black stripes from below.

Flag Somalia-15

  • Puntland – tricolor with blue, white, and green horizontal stripes, on top – white star.

Somali-16 flag

  • Somaliland – tricolor with green, white, and red horizontal stripes, on the top – white phrase on Arabic, on the central – green star.

Somali-17 flag

  • South-West Somalia – two triangles, blue hazel, green – at the free edge, shared by the Red Stripe. On the left triangle – a white star, on the right – 6 white stars, located in a circle.

Flag Somalia-18

The republic is proud of its history and its flag, which seemed along with the final gain of independence.

Non-specialized information about Somalia

Official language Somali Arabic and Arabic
Capital Mogadishu
Territory 637 657 km2
Population 15 893 219 people
Currency Somali Schilling
Telephone code +252
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