Flag of Belgium: photo and colors

The flag of Belgium the colors was traditionally the colors of Brabant Duchy. The form is based in the form of the flag of France, although the origin of the proportions 13:15 is unknown.

Doesn’t matter which country has a personal flag, Along with this, it is painted in colors, which have a certain essence and decoding for the history of the country. Significantly more often it is a rectangular fabric fault. Unlike banner flags, there is a product of heavy mass production.

So looks like the Belgium flag: photo

Flag of Belgium-1

History of the flag Belgium

Adopted by the flag of Belgium was January 23, 1831. Features of the appearance are prescribed in Article No. 193 of the Constitution of Belgium. During the revolution in the first half of the 30s of the XIX century, the southern provinces were free from The kingdoms of the Netherlands, that the beginning of the foundation of the Belgian kingdom.

Above the state was raised by the municipal symbol. The placement of the color strips was repeated tricolor, which was used by revolutionaries in the 2nd half of the 90s of the eighteenth century in Brabant. Specifically, then the countries of salvation and the first attempt of independence from domination are proclaimed Austria.

The States of Belgium existed less than a year, but attempt to separately affected the course of future history.

The uprising in Brabant used symbols with the horizontal placement of colored stripes. There was a gold color from below, at the end of which dark in the center and red color closed the composition. At the end of the revolution, the temporary government changed the orientation of the bands for vertical. After 14 days, the flag became the object of the state of the Constitution of Belgium.

Flag of Belgium-2

Description flag of Belgium

The symbol of the Belgian kingdom is a web, which is broken by three vertical stripes. It has a rectangular shape with an aspect ratio of 13:15. For the civilians, it is necessary to use the canvas, whose proportions are 2:3, which does not contradict the Constitution of Belgium. Above the royal palace located in Brussels, flag, whose asses are in a 4:3 ratio.

Flag of Belgium-3

This is explained by the raisins of characteristics, such dimensions are easier to be perceived by those who get the bottom.

The civil flag of the Belgian kingdom is simultaneously used by the Navy. But the traditions have developed in another case, and the flag of the army looks second. On a white background in the center is the Andreevsky Cross, which is painted in excellent colors: dark, red, and gold. Corona and two crossed guns are at the top. Symmetrically lower than the central point, the anchor is placed.

Flag of Belgium-4

Not counting the civil and military, the Belgian kingdom has a government flag. On the canvas, not counting not the bad vertical bands are drawn lion, standing on the hind legs, and the Crown of the monarch. They previously used the Navy, starting in 1936. At the end of the capture of fascist Germany, the Land of Belgium flag was abolished, and in the first half of the 50s of the XX century, it began to be used as a state sign.

Flag of Belgium-5

Colors of the flag of Belgium

The flag of the Belgian kingdom contains three vertical wide bands of monotonous size. On the left, there is a black color, at the end of what yellow in the center and the red on the latter right.

The Meaning of the color of the Belgian flag

It does not matter which strip personifies one of the serious regions of the kingdom. Black in belonging to Brabant, yellow is the coat of arms of Flanders, and red is the symbol of Eno.

If you conclude the second source, all three colors belong to Brabant Duchy, starting from the XII century, and are the sign of the Belgian Revolution of 1830.

It is usually forbidden to meet the structures on the buildings of state and educational institutions. For holidays, people take souvenir signs, wear them with them, reinforce cars and decorate residential buildings. The desecration of the state sign is punishable by imprisonment and payment of a fine of seven days before the year.

Non-specialized information about Belgium

Official language Netherlands, French, and German
Capital Brussels
Territory 30 528 km2
Population 11 480 534 people
Currency Euro (€), (EUR, code 978)
Telephone code +32
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