Flag of Indonesia: meaineng and coloring

Indonesia – an Asian country, which is located on a thousand volcanic islands. It is famous for its own distinctive culture, pristine nature, and chic infrastructure. The history of the country is rich and wide. The country has never stood on the spot, and the initiatively developed. And together with it changed and the main sign of Indonesia – its flag.

So the modern flag of Indonesia looks:

Flag of Indonesia-1

History of origin

As a base for the modern Indonesian flag, the flag of the Kingdom of Majapakhita, which was stacked on the terrain of the island of Java. He looked like a rectangular cloth with nine horizontal alternating stripes – red and white.

Flag of Indonesia-2

In the years and the 20th half of the twentieth century, Indonesian students, which received education at the time in Holland, made their free Student Association. They chose the Red and White Flag, in the center of which the image of the bovine head was stirred.

In the 2nd half of the 20s of the XX century, the Municipal Party of Indonesia accepted the student flag as a sign of his own party. Later it was used in Jakarta at Student Congress.

In 1945, on August 17, Indonesia became a free state, and the Red-White Flag of the State party under the leadership of Sukarno firmly fastened here as the municipal.

Second History

There is a 2nd version of the origin of the Indonesian flag. Many researchers are praying that Indonesians occupied the flag of Holland then, at that time, at the time, at the time, when they finished being her colony. Removing the blue color from the coloring of the flag and leaving only white and red, Indonesians seemed to get rid of the “Blue Blood” of the Netherlands.

As looking?

Indonesia flag is a rectangular canvas that consists of 2 equal horizontal stripes. Red stripe – top, white – bottom. The width refers to length like 5:3.

Outside the flag is reminded Flag of Monaco, Poland, and Singapore.

Flag of Indonesia-3

And due to the similarities with Flag of Monaco In Indonesia, not counting this scandal broke out. At that time, at the time, while the flag was approved, Monaco put forward a protest that was rejected if the Indonesia flag is ancient than the Monaco flag.

Ultimately, the flags of states are different. Length ratio and width of flag of Monaco – 5:4, and Indonesia – 5:3.

Flag of Indonesia-4

On the flag of Singapore can see 5 stars and crescents, and the Flag of Poland White color is on top, and red – bottom.

Flag of Indonesia-5

Meaning colors and flag sign

In the local language, the flag is called “Sang Saka Merah-Putih”, which literally testifies to the “Sacred White-Red”, or simply “Merah-Putih”.

Not counting this, it is called “Bender Pusaka” (“Flag-Relic”). Directly raised him near the house of President Sukarno on August 17, 1945, at the time, at the time when Indonesia became a free state. The original of this flag was sewed, Fatmavati Sukarno. For 23 years, this is directly lifted on August 17 in front of the presidential palace. The ultimate times, at the time, when he was raised, occurred in the 2nd half of the 60s of the 20th century, and later he was changed to reproduction because We were afraid to kill the original.

The color constantly carries a certain image:

  1. Red color personifies human blood, and a whole real-world, physical fate.
  2. White color bears the meaning of the spiritual world of a person, his bravery, purity of thoughts, and life itself.

Combining, red and white make bodies and unity of the spirit, personify courage, perfection and purity.

For Aboriginal Island, Java is red, there is a sign of maternal love, and White – Father. At that time, at the time, when both colors are connected in a single, a new future is born.

Flag At least some specific country is his advantages and relics. The flag of Indonesia keeps the path and history that this country has done on the road to freedom and independence. The Meaning of the flag is direct because it is appreciated in Indonesia – life, body and purity, and unity of spirit.

Non-specialized information about Indonesia

Official language Indonesian
Capital Jakarta
Territory 1 919 440 km2
Population 266 357 297 people
Currency Indonesian Rupee (IDR, code 360)
Telephone code +62
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