Flag of Niger: colors and meaning

Niger – Government who occupies a small terrain in West Africa. For a long time, it was referred to as the colonies of France, but he took independence and made their symbolism.

So the modern flag of Niger looks:

Flag Niger-1

History flag of Niger

Adopted at the end of 1959, shortly before the country’s announcement is free.

Niger was the colony of France from 1884 to 1960.

The predecessor of the modern was staging France, which was used as an official in all territories, then owned by the country.

Niger-2 flag


There is a tricolor of almost square shape (6:7) with horizontal stripes. On the central band, there is a circle, it is equal to the remote and from the ride, and from the free edge of the panel.

Colors of flag of Niger

The Niger flag has the following colors:

  1. Orange;
  2. White;
  3. Green.

Meaning colors flag Niger

  1. Orange – Sugar Desert.
  2. White – clean and simple.
  3. Green – Country Lands, Hope for the Best Future.
  4. Circle in the center – Sun.

Interesting facts about the flag

Flag with completely right in the same colors located in the same manner, India. The only difference is that the Indian sign In the center there is Ashoka Chakra and not an orange circle.

Flag Niger-3

Non-specialized Niger Information

Official language French
Capital Niamey
Territory 1 267 000 km2
Population 23 470 530 people
Currency Frank CFA BCCao
Telephone code +227
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