Flag of Liberia: meaning and colors

The Republic of Liberia is the West African Government, bordering the West with Sierra Leone, North S Guinea, And in the east with Côte d’Ivoire. This is one of the poorest states and the poorest in West Africa. Her origin is associated with the freedom of African Americans, which were placed in the area of ​​the colony obtained the USA.

So the modern flag of Liberia looks:

Flag of Liberia-1

History flag of Liberia

The Liberia flag was approved in July 1847. Previously, the 2nd symbolism is used for 20 years, similar to the former. Her difference is the absence of a white five-pointed star. An equilateral cross of white collected in her place.

The outlines of the flag were used for the coat of arms of the country. The 1st coat of arms of 1889 is similar in the fact that the cloth is drawn in an inverted form, and on the second version of the coat of arms, the banner of the country is drawn in the crossed form of a shield

Flag of Liberia-2

Flag of Liberia-3

  • Coat of arms of Liberia 1889 g.

Flag of Liberia-4

  • Coat of arms of Liberia, 1921.

Flag of Liberia-5

  • Coat of arms of Liberia, 1963.


The Liberia flag is a rectangular cloth whose ratio of the parties 10 to 19. It depicts eleven narrow horizontal strips of monotonous widths, alternating with six red and five white lines. In the upper left corner (in the ride), a small square of blue is drawn, and in his center is a white five-pointed star.

Image of Liberia Sign Sign – American flag And there is nothing unusual in this, due to the fact that in the history of Liberia there is an American past.

Colors flag Liberia

On the country’s sign, three colors are used:

  1. Red;
  2. White;
  3. Blue.

Meaning colors flag of Liberia

One of the parts of the flag of Liberia has a personal meaning and an explanation. In other words, eleven autographs on the independence declaration are represented in the form of 11 white stripes and colors of red.

  1. Red – this is a symbol of courage, and white symbolizes the moral rules of the population of Ukraine;
  2. The blue square in the upper left corner of the panel speaks about the African continent;
  3. The white star in the center of this square symbolizes the release of slaves and the zeal for prosperity and peace.

Interesting facts about the flag

The symbol of Liberia refers to the category of “ergonomic” (the term is used from 1950 g.). It is considered the most common in the world trading fleet. It is used in fact 1.6 thousand. Vessels in other countries. This is explained by the fact that duties for its introduction are significantly less than in other countries. Charging the fee for the implementation of the country’s sign is an impressive part of the budget of Liberia budget.

Non-specialized information about Liberia

Official language English
Capital Monrovia
Territory 111 369 km2
Population 4,294,000 people
Currency Liberian dollar
Telephone code +231
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