Flag of Guinea

The flag of Guinea reflects historical acts and carries information about the local nature. Symbols and colors are of particular importance to the country’s culture.

So the Guinea flag looks:

Flag of Guinea-1

History flag of Guinea

In 1895, Guinea became part of French West Africa, while in 1904, at the end of the transmission of the British of the Island of Los, the French were colonial boundaries. France during the existence of a colony deprived of the Gwinner’s of Political Rights. The country’s inhabitants had to pay taxes, and work without payment and serve in the army.

The electoral territorial Assembly in Guinea was created in the 2nd half of the 20s of the 20th century in coordination with the response of the Government of France. We gradually changed the conditions for those who want to participate in the voting. The election of 1957 was an adult population living in the area of ​​the colony.

Reference! The government council was educated with this, the government of the neat power, in which the Guinean entered.

The Democratic Party of Guinea (DPG), headed by the actor to the second of the tour, expanded the sphere of his own act. Thanks to the active methods of propaganda, in fact, the entire population of the country in the referendum of 1958 opposed the creation of the newest French Constitution and wanted to separate from the French Society.

The Republic of Guinea took independence on October 2, 1958, and on November 10, the flag was recognized as the official symbolism of the country. Basis elected France flag, folding out of 3 vertical stripes, but the colors changed to PanFrean. The sign of the newest country is similar to many others Flags of African states, who became free about at one time with Guinea.

Description of the flag of Guinea

The canvas has a rectangular shape with proportions of 2:3. Stripes on the flag of the Republic of Guinea have a monotonous width and are vertical: on the left – red, in the center – yellow, right – green. These colors are called PanFrean.

Colors flag of Guinea

The flag of the Republic of Guinea has a rectangular shape and consists of 3 vertical strips of equal length and width – it does not matter which of them has a personal color. Starting to the left of the right, are red, yellow, and green stripes are located.

Meaning colors flag of Guinea

The red bar, located on the left flag does not have a bad Meaning for Africans. Symbolizes the blood that the local people shed in a long struggle for the independence of their own country. Apart from this red matters for residents of the country, because it is associated with the labor of industrial workers and farmers.

The strip in the center is painted in yellow, which is identified with many resources of the republic. Apart from this color reflects the scorching hot sun of Africa, which symbolizes the equality of peoples to a certain degree, since at least some of the monotonic extent gets warm from the heavenly luminaries.

Right strip painted in green. For his part, Introduce the vegetation and rich nature of the country: forests, savanna, and other natural resources. Apart from this green acts as the designation of the prosperity of Guinea and fertility of the land of the country.

Apart from the other color of the flag are associated with residents with the motto of the Republic: “Labor. Justice. Solidarity”.

Red, yellow, and green are most often seen on the Flags of African countries. Colors were accepted and named Panfreqani on August 13, 1920. Information about this is contained in the Declaration of Black page Rights. The Pan-African flag containing the above-listed colors was created by Markus Garvey, which is the founder of the League of African Communities.

Non-specialized information about Guinea

Official language French
Capital Conakry
Territory 245 857 km2
Population 12 771 000 people
Currency Guinean Franc
Telephone code +224
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