Flag Nepal: meaning and colors

One of the most noteworthy and memorable municipal signs of distinction in belonging to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, for which, but he is not something extraordinary or coming out of the sequence.

So the modern flag of Nepal looks:

Nepal-1 flag

History of the flag

Officially accepted in the first half of the 60s of the twentieth century – the idea of ​​connecting two historical signs immediately came directly, which was used separately a couple of centuries earlier.

The 1st flag that existed before him was completed correctly the same, distinguished only to those, a big star and a satellite of the Earth, depicted on it, had faces, due to the fact that they denote the king and the entire ruling family. The border had a green color.

Nepal-2 flag

Signs belong to the first ruler of the wound.


A unique state symbol – a unique, having a non-rectangular shape. This is a pennant with a border, made of 2 seconds.

For Hindus, this kind is not bad. In South Asia, there are quite a lot of these things, for example, the state’s India.

Colors flag Nepal

The Nepal flag has the following colors:

  1. Red;
  2. Blue;
  3. White.

Meanings of colors flag Nepal

  1. Red – State Color, Nepal.
  2. Blue – Peaceful Sky.
  3. White – purity.
  4. The moon and the sun are a sign of the eternal existence of the state, which will end only when these heavenly bodies go out.
  5. Form – Worship Everest and Tribute.

Violating the unlawful samples, Nepal made a unique emblem, who had consisted of discussions for many years and awareness of tourists.

Non-specialized information about Nepal

Official language Nepali
Capital Kathmandu
Territory 140 800 km2
Population 30 430 267 people
Currency Nepalese rupee
Telephone code +977
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