Flag of the Dominican Republic: meaning and colors

The flag of the Dominican Republic is the sign of the country and reflects historical acts in the past, talks about the placement of the country or the state of the economy. Municipal symbolism is painted in colors and complemented by images, which are associated with the genus of the sessions of local inhabitants, their religion and culture.

So the modern flag of the Dominican Republic looks like: photo

Flag of the Dominican Republic-1

History flag of the Dominican Republic

Within 300 years, the territory of the Dominican Republic belonged Spain and was her colony. But in the first half of the 20s of the XIX century, the Dominicans organized an uprising against the opposing government of the Government. The rebellion ended with the formation of the Free Republic of Santo Domingo. This year, the partisans raised the personal flag that contained three colors: white, red and yellow.

A new country existed a year after completing what was captured and joined to the territories Republic of Haiti In the first half of the 20th century and year. Haiti’s sign became a blue-red canvas with the coat of arms in the center. Dominican Patriots in the 2nd half of the 1930s of the XIX century made a company named “Trinitaria”. The work of the organizers was aimed at liberation from the domination of Haiti.

In addition to this, the White Cross appeared on the two-color flag, as the sign of the Christian faith of revolutionaries.

In the first half of the 40s of the nineteenth century, Dominicans raised the rebellion and won, taking the independence of the Dominican Republic. In the same year, the blue-red flag with a white cross was approved by the Constitution of the newest country and adopted as a sign of the country.

Flag of the Dominican Republic-2

Only in the 2nd half of the 40s of the nineteenth century flag accepted a personal modern look, and the coat of arms appeared in the center of the cross.

The creator of the image posted in the center of the Cross became a politician-future president and the liberal of the Dominican Republic – Juan Pablo Duarte. A completely appearance of the sign was formed in the first half of the 60s of the nineteenth century. In 1913, the flag with the image of the coat of arms got the official municipal status.

Description of the flag of Dominican Republic

The flag has a good rectangular shape with the aspect ratio of 5:8. The cross in the center dissects the cloth into four parts: the left lower and right top painted in red, and the other two are in blue. In the center of wide crossing the coat of arms of the Dominican Republic.

The emblem of the Dominican Republic is a shield that painted in national colors. And there is an image of a golden cross, under which the Bible and 6 arrows are drawn. Under the shield fluttering a red ribbon with the title of the republic. As a framing on the left there is an olive branch, and on the right – palm. On top of the shield there is a blue tape on which the motto of the Dominican Republic “Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Fatherland, Freedom) is written”.

Colors flag of the Dominican Republic

The main background of the panel painted in red, blue and white. In the image of the coat of arms, not counting this can be seen national colors, and golden and green.

Meaning colors flag of Dominican Republic

Red and blue colors on the flag were taken from the State Flag Republic of Haiti and diluted with white cross. For residents Dominica:

  1. Blue is associated with freedom of country and light sky. In coordination with other interpretation, the color was associated with the struggle for the liberation of civilization.
  2. Red color shows blood shed for the achievements of the bonds of civilization, and the flame of a folk battle for freedom. White Cross appears as a sign of the Christian sacrifice and the symbol of God’s patronage.
  3. White color shows the readiness of residents to self-sacrifice, expresses their religious strength and the wish of the world’s existence without war.

The Bible and the image of the cross on the coat of arms symbolizes Christianity and polar freedom. The branch of olive tree and palm trees are attributes of peaceful fate and success. On the tape on top of the shield, the motto of Dominicans and password of fighters for independence: “DIOS. Patria. Libertad “, which is translated as” God, Fatherland, Freedom “. On the Red Ribbon marked the name “Republica Dominicana”.

The flag without a stamp drawing is available by the Fleet Sign of the Dominican Republic.

During state solemn days, the flag of the Dominican Republic appears on all urban buildings and government agencies. But, not paying attention to the acquisition of official status and the adoption of symbols, residents of the country are allowed to use the canvas without an image on the cross.

Non-specialized information about the Dominican Republic

Official language Spanish
Capital Santo Domingo
Population 48 670 km2
Territory 10 499 707 people
Currency Dominican Peso
Telephone code +1-809, + 1-829, + 1-849
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