Flag of Botswana: meaning and colors

The Republic of Botswana – the government located in the southern part of Africa bordering South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Country has no way out to sea. More than 2/3 terrain – desert. Its area is 600.4 thousand km2, the population is 2.3 million. human.

So the modern flag of Botswana looks:

Botswana-1 flag

History flag of Botswana

In the 1980s, the colonization of territories from the side, revived Germany developed in the southern part of Africa. The leaders of the population of TSSvan (the inhabitants were called) turned to the British crown for help, and in 1885 the protectorate was proclaimed over this territory. A couple of decades of Botswana was the colony of Britain. Her own flag she did not have and used the flag of England.

Botswana flag-2

In the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century, at the end of the declaration of independence, the 1st personal municipal flag of the country was approved.

Description of the flag of Botswana

Flag side Botswana correlated in proportions – 2 to 3. His colors alternate in subsequent sequence: Blue – Snow Whole – Black – Snow White (White) – Blue. The middle part (dark with 2 white) shakes the cloth into two equal parts.

Botswana-3 flag

Colors flag of Botswana

The municipal symbol of the Republic of Botswana consists of 3-colors: blue, black and white (white). They alternate in themselves in the form of horizontal stripes.

The Meaning colors flag of Botswana

Blue color symbolizes the visible sky of Africa, hope for rain and water.

Stripes of snow-white and black colors symbolize the inhabitants of Botswana. Dark – most of the population Ukraine, And White – National Minority. The combination of these bands is evidenced by the freedom of society, harmony, good coexistence and consent between the dark and white races.

In addition, such a combination of colors is associated with state animals – Zebra.

Signs that characterize the colors of the flag are depicted on the coat of arms of Botswana: the motto of the country – “Pula” (“Let there be a shower”) and two zebras.

Botswana-4 flag

Interesting facts about the flag

According to the country, the official symbolism is permissible on land for all purposes. Apart from the official bodies of the State Sign given to personal companies and civilians. State Sign Botswana is used by the Armed Forces of the country.

Republic of Botswana is a presidential state. The president’s netbook also contains the image of a blue cloth with a coat of arms in the center.

Flag Botswana-5

Non-specialized information about Botswana

Official language English, TSSvan
Capital Gaborone
Territory 581 730 km2
Population 2 112 049 people
Currency Pula
Telephone code +267
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