Flag of Namibia: meainig and colors

Namibia, one of the audacious African countries, For many years, staying in the power of a second, larger and influential, and challenged independence exclusively in the late 80s of the past century, changed a pair of signs before picking the one that exists at the moment.

So the modern flag of Namibia looks:

Namibia-1 flag

History flag of Namibia

The 1st flag, the sign of the people, was created following the example of English in the first half of the 60s of the nineteenth century on the orders of the leader of the indigenous tribe. In those years, the colonization of the country’s colony – the first colony of Holland, began.

Namibia-2 flag

From 1868 to 1871, indigenous inhabitants made a personal sign of square shape, with 3 squares, black, red, and white. Used since 1872.

Namibia-3 flag

Not quite later, in 1914, at the time, at the time, at the time, at the time, when Namibia was in the management of Germany, a new flag was created, which was not adopted because of the beginning of the First World War. At the end of her ending, the Republic obeyed South Africa and did not have its own flag.

Namibia-4 flag

From 1884 to 1914, Namibia was part of the German Colonial Society of South West Africa.

In 1962, a layout of a modern cloth was created. Flags were made with this, flags for individual Homelands – ethnic parts of the republic, at least which of which had personal colors and symbolism, reflecting their feature. At that time, some Homelands received the status and possibility of countries of free rein.

The state flag of the Republic of Namibia was approved in the Constitution, made in connection with the declaration of independence in the first half of the 90s and the years.


It consists of three dressings, on the one that is located in the center, on top there is another, fourth. The string, in the upper left corner, is the sun, which has twelve rays. His diameter form a third part of the width of the panels, and the axis is located on the fifth part of the width of the ride. Between its sun and rays – the ring of blue, its width is equal to one tenth of the sun radius.

Colors flag Namibia

The colors of the flag of the Republic of Namibia are as follows:

  1. Blue;
  2. Red;
  3. Green;
  4. White;
  5. Yellow.

Meaning colors the flag of Namibia

  1. Blue – the color of the sky and the Atlantic Ocean, water, which is principled in the parameters of the dry climate.
  2. Red – the image of the people, his heroism, and the desire to achieve the welfare of the country.
  3. Green – Elimination of Natural Resources and Agriculture.
  4. Yellow – Namib Desert.
  5. White – the color of the world and unity.
  6. The sun, located on the flag, symbolizes burning energy.

Other flags of Namibia

In the year of origin of the official flag, another one was created – the president’s flag. On it – a yellow triangle with the coat of arms of the country, along the edges of which there are blue and green triangles.

Namibia-5 flag

The police flag is blue cloth with a red stripe, as on the official flag, which, by the way, is presented in the upper left corner, and in the lower right – the symbol of the police.

Namibia-6 flag

I have my own symbolism, not counting this and political parties of the country:

  • Congress Democrats;

Flag of Namibia-7

  • African State Union Caprivi;

Namibia-8 flag

  • Moving for democracy and progress.

Namibia-9 flag

And in colonial, and in the pre-police period Namibia had personal unique features, which were preserved in the country’s flag at the moment.

Non-specialized information about Namibia

Official language English
Capital Windhoupse
Territory 825 418 km2
Population 2 533 794 people
Currency Namibian dollar
Telephone code +264
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