Flag of American Samoa: meaning and history

American Samoa is a governance USA territory, but not included in any of the US states. The President of America has the right of sovereignty over it, and its inhabitants (about 52 thousand. man) jannacks on the state belonging, but are not its citizens. The area of ​​the terrain is actually 200 km2.

So the modern flag of South American Samoa looks:

Flag of American Samo-1

History flag of American Samoa

South American Samoa did not have any municipal signs before its origin on the islands of the first Europeans (18th century). Documented information about the presence of the flag is not available, without looking at what kind of sources, some images were used as symbols.

At the end of 1899. Samoa was divided between Britain, Germany, and the United States to a part where it doesn’t matter which of the countries had personal interests. In April 1990. Official symbolism in South American Samoa was approved Symbol of USA.

In April 1960. Today’s flag option was adopted as a municipal.

American Samoa has no second options, not counting as a head.

Description of the flag of American Samoa

The official flag of American Samoa became a state in April 1960., On the day of entry into force of the First Constitution. The cloth has a proportion – 1 to 2.

It depicts three triangles:

  • An equally chained triangle, in which the base converges with the width of the right side of the stead, and the equal parties are fixed to the middle of the left side of the panel (non-specialized white background);
  • Two rectangular triangles of blue, located opposite each comrade, long sides, which are equal to the length of the banner, and small sides – half the width of the tie.

White triangle crushes from blue stripe red.

On a white triangle, a white-headed element is drawn, soaring to the side attached to the banner.

In its own claws, he holds Samoan signs of power: Metelka (Fue), and Dubin (Tattoos).

Colors flag American Samoa

The State Flag of American Samoa, Non-Non-Corporied Terrain, became official on April 24, 1960, during the period when the 1st Constitution of American Samoa entered into force. Flag ratios 1 to 2.

The flag of American Samoa has three main colors:

  1. Blue;
  2. Red;
  3. White.

These colors are traditional and for American signs. Colors of brownish colors are used on the cloth, for an image of an eagle and yellow – for the applicable characters of self-picnic leaders.

Meaning colors flag of American Samoa

Makeup (Muchwan) in the claws of an eagle symbolizes the wisdom of the leaders of Samoa, and the military dubb is the power of the country. Both of them mean the order and the world under supervision.

An Orellana image symbolizes state relations with the United States for which this bird is also considered a sign. The bald eagle is presented on big print America.

Non-specialized information about American Samoa

Official language Samoan, British
Capital Pago Pago
Territory 199 km2
Population 51 504 people
Currency US dollar (USD, code 840)
Telephone code +1 684
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