Flag of New Caledonia

New Caledonia – the territory that includes 10-th islands located in the southern part of the Pacific. Their non-specialized territory of 19 thousand sq. km., And the population is 275.4 thousand people.

So the modern flag of New Caledonia looks:

Flag of New Caledonia-1

History flag of New Caledonia

Active development of New Caledonia islands began in the 19th century by English and French missionaries. Since 1953, France declared this terrain by its own ownership, and the French tricolor was used as a sign.

By the end of the 20th century, unrest and unrest began to arise among the aboriginal population (Melanesian’s), the main goal of which was gaining independence. During that period, the Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front (KSNLF) was created.

Flag of New Caledonia-2

The symbolism of this organization was adopted as a regional flag of territories supporting independence from France. Until 2010, this sign was unofficial, and from July 2010 he began to be used as official.

New Caledonia – one of the dependent areas, which have two official flags.

In the new Caledonia for at least a pretext, the French tricolor is licked.


The State Regional Flag of New Caledonia contains three horizontal stripes: blue, red, green colors. In the left part of the panel (closer to the tree), an oval of yellow color was depicted, the circuit of which circled a black line. It shows the emblem of the spire, again black.

The proportions of the parties relate to each other as 1 to 2.

Colors flag of New Caledonia

On the flag of New Caledonia, 5 colors are used: blue, red, green, yellow, and black.

Meaning colors flag of New Caledonia

The color used on the flag of the color indicates:

  1. Blue – symbolizes the sky and the ocean whose water is washed by the country;
  2. Red is the shed victims and blood brought by residents for freedom;
  3. Green – Natural prosperity;
  4. Yellow oval – sun;
  5. The emblem is a circle – a view of a spider that adorns houses of the calories.

Flag interpretation of the flag of New Caledonia has other meanings that are related to the organization of the KSNLF. In other words, the blue color also testifies independence, green, not counting the designated, personifies its ancestors and the country, and the Red testifies not counting this native relationship and the harmony of all the population of the Earth.

Other flags

New Caledonia geographically has a pair of provinces in what are the islands groups. Does not matter which of the provinces has a personal symbol:

  • South;

Flag of New Caledonia-3

  • North;

Flag of New Caledonia-4

  • Peninsula loyalty;

Flag of New Caledonia-5

In the country, independence ideas continue to rise from time to time. Over the past 20 years, a referendum was held on this issue and both times was a negative result. In parallel, this is put forward ideas for replacing a state sign. A variant is offered in different types: 1, 2.

Flag of New Caledonia-6

Flag of New Caledonia-7

Other options are used as sports symbols of New Caledonia. For example, symbolism was used in South Pacific Games.

Flag of New Caledonia-8

For the presentation in FIFA is used by the French tricolor version.

Flag of New Caledonia-9

Non-specialized information about New Caledonia

Official language French
Capital Nouméa
Territory 19 060 km2
Population 275 355 people
Currency French Pacific Franc (XPF)
Telephone code +687
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