Flag of Micronesia: meaning and pictures

Micronesia, A Pair of Islands in the Pacific Ocean with a Long Store, passed several times under the protection of various countries. Ultimately, Micronesia fixed the USA. The flag reflects affiliation to the placement and number of objects of the part.

So the modern flag of Micronesia looks:

Flag Micronesia-1

History flag of Micronesia

Today’s flag of Micronesia was approved in November 1978. The pretext for this was the department Marshall and the Mariana Islands from the Federated States of Micronesia.

Before the canvases were drawn, 6 stars. The last sign seemed in 1962. As a result of the competition for the creation of the best sign of the country. In the competition defeated the project of a young man named Santos.

Flag Micronesia-2

From July 1947 to August 1965, the island was under the guardianship of the UN and used its flag.

Flag of Micronesia-3

Description of the flag of Micronesia

The rectangular flag has 4 stars in the center. They correspond to the number of states included in the state: Yap, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk (Truk). The stars are arranged in a circle.

Each island belonging to the federation of 4 states has unofficial flags. Two of them also have stars. These are Pohnpei and Chuuk.

Meaning colors flag of Micronesia

  1. The color of the canvas – Blue, speaks about accessories to the water area of ​​the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Stars have a white tone. This is a symbol of peace between government groups, which inhabit the federal government.

The flag of the Federative Country of Micronesia experienced not one transformation, in his form it was reflected in the change of the number of islands, finding under the UN guardianship and competitive selection.

Non-specialized information about Micronesia

Official language Marshall Islands – English, Marshall; Kiribati – English; Palau – English, Palauan; Nauru – English, and Nauruian; Northern Mariana Islands – English; Guam is English.
Capital Palikir
Territory 2 600 km2
Population 560,000 people
Currency Dollar (USD)
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