Flag of the Marshall Islands: meaning and history

The Marshall Islands until 1979 were constantly under whose protectors. In the 2nd half of the 80s of the XIX century, Germany was performed by the patron, from 1914 – Japan, and at the end of the 2nd global – USA.

So the modern flag of the Marshall Islands looks:

Flag of Marshall Islands-1

History flag of the Marshall Islands

Previously, Marshall Islands used the UN Flag (1947-1965).

Flag of Marshall Islands-2

At the end of what the flag of the ward USA Pacific Island Terrain (1965-1979).

Flag of Marshall Islands-3

June 12, 1979, on the design of the first lady of the country of Emeline Kabul, the flag of the Marshall Islands got the status of the municipal. It happened as a result of independence from the USA, under whose custody was the country.

Description flag of the Marshall Islands

Presented in the form of a canvas of a rectangular shape of blue. In the upper left corner, there is a white star, which has 24 pointed beams. From the left corner, on the counter, two beams of white and orange flow.

Made in blue, white and orange tones.

Meaning colors flag the Marshall Islands

  1. The blue color symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, in which the archipelago is located.
  2. White – zeal to the world all over the world.
  3. Orange – About the courage and masculinity of the population of Ukraine.
  4. A white star is evidenced by the Christian Cross, and its rays are the number of election counties in the country. It is placed on the coat of arms and seals of the country.
  5. Two stripes mean two chains of islands located in the archipelago – Ratak and Roller.

Interesting Facts

The flag is not allowed to use personal individuals, public organizations, or government agencies for the embodiment of all actions on land. In the sea, it is allowed to raise only on personal vessels, commercial or state courts.

Non-specialized information about the Marshall Islands

Official language Marshall, English
Capital Majuro
Territory 181.3 km2
Population 55,000 people
Currency US dollar (USD, code 840)
Telephone code +692
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