Flag of Nauru

Nauru made some time of his own history under foreign control. But it was not the colony, it was only controlled by the UN. All control created Australia.

So the modern flag looks at Nauru:

Flag Nauru-1

History flag of Nauru

Officially approved in the 2nd half of the 60s of the XX century.

Predecessor – Flag of the Australian Alliance, What actually duplicates Australian, but differs in the color background – it is red, and not blue.

Flag Nauru-2

From 1947 to 1968, Nauru was listed by the territory belonging to the UN.


It is a monochrome cloth with a horizontal strip crossing it in the center. At the bottom under this line, on the left, closer to the bay, is a star having twelve rays.

Star placement is not just like that – it reflects reality – the country is in the Southern Hemisphere.

The width of the yellow area is equal to 1/24 length of stead.

Colors flag of Nauru

The colors of the Nauru flag are as follows:

  1. Blue;
  2. Yellow;
  3. White.

Meaning colors of the flag of Nauru

  1. Blue – Sky and the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Yellow – Equator, in the event that the government is only one-degree southerner than this label.
  3. White – calcium phosphates – the only necessary fossil, which can be obtained on the ground in Nauru.
  4. Star – a symbol of 12 tribes living in the country.

Upon completion of independence, the territory took his own self-government and made a unique and notable flag that is used at the moment.

Non-specialized information about Nauru

Official language Nauruan, English
Capital absent
Territory 21.3 km2
Population 11 359 people
Currency Australian dollar (AUD, code 36)
Telephone code +674
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