Flag of New Zealand: meaning and colors

New Zealand for a long time was a colony of England and got the personal signs of power quite not so long.

So the modern flag of New Zealand looks:

Flag of New Zealand-1

History flag of New Zealand

Maori tribes, inhabited by New Zealand, did not have a banner for a long time. The need for the flag appeared at the end of how in the nineteenth century a trading ship with the leaders of the tribes on board was detained in municipal waters, Australia. The ship did not have a flag that was an inoperative violation of English laws. Although, the ship is assigned to raise the banner to designate his state.

Later, the options of 25 leaders of the tribes gathered in the first half of the 30s of the nineteenth century in the village of Waitangi to approve the country’s flag. A pair of options were presented for consideration. The leaders came together on a white banner with a red St. George Cross depicted in the center. Left at the top was another red cross with 4 stars on a blue background.

Flag of New Zealand-2

This flag was used until 1840. At the moment, it is raised in Wentang in the day a year, at the time, at the time when the agreement on the status of the country was signed between Maori and England.

By agreement of 1840, England took the right to manage all of New Zealand. Watching the crown of pivotal tribes, providing the status of English subjects, and gave the word protection. The first governor of the colony became William Gobson, who signed the designated agreement on behalf of England. On behalf of the local inhabitants, the agreement was signed by 40 tribal leaders.

From now on, the state began to develop “Union Jack” – Banner of England.

Until 1869, New Zealand courts walked under the Flag of England, attributed signs NZ. Only on this assisted may be distinguished by the affiliation of the vessel.

Flag of New Zealand-3

Governor George Bowen turned to civil servants of Navy England, asking to take the marine flag of New Zealand. Lieutenant Albert Markem conveyed to the governor the layout flag. On a blue background, Union Stars and Jack Constellation Southern Cross were stated. At first, this banner was used as a sea, but in 1902, by decree of the government, it was accepted as the official municipal flag of New Zealand.


It is a rectangle of the deepest blue. Proportions of length and widths 1:2.

Astrike, in the upper quarter – Union Jack.

On the right side of the rectangle, there are 4 five-pointed red stars with white edging. Stars are on the finishes of the 2nd cross axes. Centers of 2 stars located on the long vertical axis of the cross are located at a monotonous distance from the Union Jack and the right edge of the flag. And at an equal distance from the lower and top edges.

The lower rays of the left star stand on the fictional strip, walking along the bottom edge of the Union Jack to the right side of the flag. The right star is located just above this strip, on the strip forming an angle of 82 degrees with a vertical.

All four stars are upright. Available in different sizes. The largest is the lower star on the vertical axis. Its size (the segment connecting the endpoints of the horizontal red rays) is approximately 1/17 of the flag’s length. The top and left stars are the same sizes, equal to 1/20 of the blade length. The right one is the smallest, its size is 1/24 of the length of the flag.

Flag of New Zealand-4

Colors flag of New Zealand

3 colors:

  1. Blue corresponds to 280C in the totality of Pantone;
  2. Red – 186c by Pantone;
  3. White.

Meaning colors of the flag of New Zealand

  1. The blue field symbolizes seawater, from all the sides of the washing shores of New Zealand, and the endless unpressed sky.
  2. The British flag or “Union Jack“, located in the left upper quarter of the canvas, speaks of communication with England.
  3. Five-pointed stars with a number of 4 pieces of red with white edging – the most amazing from the constellation of the southern cross. They are shown to accommodate the country.

Other flags

It is a white rectangle on which, as well as on the state flag, in the left quarter, the tree has the Union Jack and the four red stars of the Southern Cross. There is no edging. Proportions of the canvas 1:2.

Flag of New Zealand-5

Shopping flag

It differs from the state color of the field and stars. White stars without edging are arranged on a red background. The widths and the ratio of length, like the state sign, 1:2.

Flag of New Zealand-6

Flag of Queen New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand-7

Flag of General Governor of New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand-8

Forage flag for state courts

Flag of New Zealand-9

Flag of Air Force

Flag of New Zealand-10

State flag of Maori, Tino-Rangatiratanga

Flag of New Zealand-11

Police flag

Flag of New Zealand-12

Flag of yacht clubs

Flag of New Zealand-13

Flag of civil aviation

Flag of New Zealand-14

The difference between New Zealand and the sign of Australia

National signs of adjacent New Zealand and Australia are similar. Australian flag As an official state mark was approved significantly later, only in the first half of the 50s and the years. Unlike New Zealand, it has not 4, but 5 stars of the southern cross. They are white. Of these 5 stars, four are seven-way, and one five-pointed.

Apart from this, under the flag of Great Britain, in the middle of the left under a quarter, there is another white star, called the Commonwealth star. It has 7 rays and symbolizes 6 initial states, and the seventh finish personifies the terrain, and future states Australia.

Flag of New Zealand-15

The similarity of the Flags of the 2nd States is explained by the fact that at the end of the expedition of James Cook to their shores came the era of colonial subordination of Great Britain. Both countries in those days had Flagina Base British Naval Flag.

In 2018, the Prime Minister of New Zealand said in a television interview that the state Symbol of Australia – Plagiat. Australians illegally used the design and signs of the New Zealand flag. Later he stated that Australia should change the personal flag, it would be fair. The Australian side did not comment on the interview.

Interesting facts about the flag

The problem of flags occurs periodically at international events.

  • So, Greece In 2015, young New Zealand athletes welcomed, raising the early version at the World Championships on Aqua Australia flag.
  • Nasty curiosity happened on Australia’s television in 2018. In the report dedicated to Independence Day, a picture of the New Zealand flag was used. Journalists of New Zealand did not pass by and sneaky pointed to an unknown embossing in the country’s principled for the country.

In the New Year of Zealand since the 70s of the 20th century, discussions are underway to change the state flag.

Successful options for silver fern on blue, blue-black, black and blue-red background. Fern, on the idea of ​​the creators, should symbolize the growth of civilization.

In 2016, a referendum was held, which was issued a question about the adoption of a new flag, imagining the silver fern on a black and blue background. The image of 4 stars of the southern cross was maintained. But more than half of the votes spoke in favor of maintaining the continued existing flag. The project was rejected.

Non-specialized information about New Zealand

Official language English, Maori, New Zealand Study Language
Capital Wellington
Territory 268 680 km2
Population 4 848 477 people
Currency New Zealand Dollar (NZD, code 554)
Telephone code +64
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