Flags of Cambodia: meaning and colors

The kingdom of Cambodia is a government located in the southeast of Asia. His population form more than 16 million people. The most popular ethnos is represented by Khmers: they include 80% of the country’s total number.

So the modern flag of Cambodia looks:

Flag of Cambodia-1

History flag of Cambodia

Before the sixth century, Khmers had no statehood as such: individual principalities reigned on the ground. No distinctive symbolism, respectively, by their not counting it was not. But gradually, separate lands began to unite, and the Khmer Empire was transformed into a strong and free country.

Considering the history of the origin of the official flag of Cambodia maybe to highlight a pair of steps. The appearance of the canvas managed to exchange 10 times.

  • The period from the fifteenth nineteenth century in the history of Cambodia is called “Dark times”. Then the flag looked like a white canvas with a yellowish triangle. The triangle was circled narrow greenish contour.
  • The subsequent version of the flag was discarded and approved in 1863. He was listed by the sign of the French Protectorate: with this position, one government is under the protection of another. The banner imagined a red cloth with blue inserts. In the center, there was an image of the Angkor Wat complex. With small variables, the option existed about acres.

Flag of Cambodia-2

  • Within the 2nd global territory of Cambodia was occupied by Japanese armies. During these years, the flag is used by a red canvas with a white Angkor Wool card in the center. But the sequence of scientists subjures these data doubts: no evidence has been preserved.

Flag of Cambodia-3

  • The subsequent version of the state symbolism was approved in 1948. In general, he retained the stylist who had ever existed and looked like a tricolor – with 2 blue stripes and one red. The structure of the complex on the canvas did not consider this left. In 1970. The flag was canceled at that time, at the time, at the time when Cambodia was announced by the Republic.

Flag of Cambodia-4

  • In the kingdom, there is an army coup, ultimately of which the existing Tsarevich Nodoma Xianuk is removed from power. General Lon Nol introduces a new version of the State Flag. It is the same colors on it, but three stars are additionally depicted. But, the royal government does not recognize the refreshing reforms and consumes the past version of the flag.
  • In 1975. Red Khmers come to power: Lon Nolan mode was overthrown. Only red flags with yellow silhouettes of Angkor Wat are used in Cambodia. The color symbolized the revolutionary movement and the decisive struggle for the welfare of the country.

Flag of Cambodia-5

  • In the times of the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia proclaimed the People’s Republic of Kampuchea. The red color on the canvas at the moment symbolizes the blood of Cambodians, spilled by them for the ideas of the socialist revolution. 5 towers on the silhouette of the temple informed about the unity of the whole society: the fighter, intelligentsia, and the working class.

Flag of Cambodia-6

This option of the flag though used quite actively but did not become common abroad. Heng Sumina regime, reigning at the time in the country, there was no international recognition; We had to be limited only to the help of individual countries of the socialist camp. These were the USSR and Vietnam.

  • In 1989. The conclusion of Vietnamese armies from Cambodia begins. Deeideologicalization of state symbols occurs: the role of ideologies is significantly much significantly mini tribute significantly. A new Constitution has been adopted: the People’s Republic of Kampuchea is renamed Cambodia. At the moment the flag is a merger of 2 bands – red and blue colors. The center of Angkor Wat with five towers in the yellow image is almost always towers in the center. But this is no longer a schematic silhouette of a famous temple, but its careful and thoughtful drawing.

Flag of Cambodia-7

  • In 1992. In the UN, a temporary authority has been created. His main goal is to make the role of a transitional administration. Their flag was a blue cloth with a white map of the country. The name of the country on it was written in Khemersky – Kampuchea. The symbolism was canceled in about a year – at the end of the recovery of the kingdom.

Flag Cambodia-8

  • In 1993. Repeated Flag of Example 1948. From that time no innovation occurred.

Flag Cambodia-9


The current version of the flag of the Kingdom of Cambodia is made up of a rectangular panel with an aspect ratio of two to three. The sign presents three horizontal stripes of various sizes: blue and red. An Angkor Wat is drawn in the center – a popular temple complex built in the first half of the twelfth century.

Colors flag Cambodia

The flag is folded from 3 fat lines:

  1. Upper and lower stripes on the Blue flag.
  2. The middle red – occupies the middle of the width of the canvas.
  3. Temple is depicted in white tones.

Meaning colors and flag sign

Images and colors on the canvas can be interpreted as follows:

  1. Blue – the embodiment of the monarchy, the ruler of the country is considered a mediator between the higher forces and ordinary people. In the 2nd version, this is the color of the sky and the purity sign of thoughts.
  2. Red – his courage and sign of the people.
  3. White color talks about adherence to Buddhism religion and justice.
  4. Temple drawing is a conditional image of the universe. Angkor Wat complex is officially recognized as the most huge cult building on the planet for the occupied area. She is dedicated to the Highest Vishnu – the main keeper of all the universe.

Angkor Wat is built by the type of mountain temple. This truncated pyramid with 3 tiers. The only entrance is located on the west. His name literally can be translated as “city”. The well-known building is quite often compared with the Greek Olympus, on which the Highest, and the temple of Zeus lived.

It may be that the symbolism of the flag testifies to the triad:

  1. Religion.
  2. Civilization.
  3. Lord.

Cambodia – the country has its own history but is completely young for tourism. Everything is very interesting and saturated here by the state flavor.

Non-specialized information about Cambodia

Official language Khmersky
Capital Phnom Pen
Territory 181 035 km2
Population 16 926 984 people
Currency Riel (KHR)
Telephone code +855
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