Flag Syria: meaning and colors

Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) – Government in the Middle East. The history of local civilization has a couple of 1000th, anniversaries. The capital of the country, Damascus, is one of the veins of the world. Not paying attention to this, Syrian statehood is calculated only a few decades. The area of ​​its locality form 185.2 thousand. sq. km., And the population is 18.8 million. human.

So the modern flag of Syria looks:

Flag of Syria-1

History flag Syria

The territory of modern Syria in various historical periods belonged to different peoples and states – from the Roman Empire to the Arab Caliphate. From 1517 g. Syria for 400 years stayed as part of Turkey.

Flag of Syria-2

At the end of the defeat in the first world and collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1920. Syrian Arab kingdom was created. Without looking at the fact that it existed only 139 days (8/03-24/07), but its impact on the Arab world is felt and now. The kingdom then made his symbolism, taking a sign of the Arab uprising for the database, with the difference that a seven-point star was presented in the center of the red triangle.

Flag of Syria-3 Flag of Syria-4

by the way! Not paying attention, not to quite a lot of existence of the monarchy was created not counting this royal standard.

Flag of Syria-5

The fall of the kingdom of Syria began at the end of the signing of the England-French Agreement in San Remo (April 25), in which France was given the authority to Syria and Lebanon. Such status took and its symbolism.

Flag of Syria-6

In parallel, countries (States) were made on the terrain of Syria: Damascus, Aleppo, Alawitov, Jabal Al-Friends, Great Lebanon, and Hatay (Turkey region). The non-specialized sign for everyone was the flag of the Alliance of the Syrian countries.

Flag of Syria-7

In 1930. The Republic of Syria was created and the Constitution of the country was posted, in which it was mentioned and about the new flag. In 1932. Syria took partial independence from France and became a republic. Three red stars on the cloth meant the provinces included in its composition: Aleppo, Damascus, and Dair Ez-Zaur. In 1936. Two more provinces moved to Syria: Dzhabal Al-Friends and Latvia. This flag option was also used at the end of the acquisition of complete independence in 1946.

Flag of Syria-8

1958. marked by the creation of the newest country – United Arab Republic in Syria and face Egypt. To ensure that the Alliance was created by the 2nd symbol – a red-black-black cloth with 2 green stars on a white stripe. In 1961. Syria came out of the Oar and returned the past symbol with 3 stars.

Flag of Syria-9

With the coming to power of the Baas Party (Arab Socialist Restoration), The country flag exchanged – the green strip changed to the red. Three green stars in this case mean “Unity, Freedom, Socialism”.

Flag of Syria-10

For your information! In the same year, the Baas party came to power in Iraq, and Flag of Iraq not counting this accepted the red and white-black color. Instead of stars, the slogan “Most High” was written in green.

Flag of Syria-11

From 1972 to 1977. Three Arab countries – Syria, Egypt, Libya The fourth-color cloth with an eagle in the center became combined as part of the Federation of Arab Republics and the sign. At the end of the decay of the Federation, this version of the flag of Egypt returned, and Syria returned an example of 1958 for himself.

Flag of Syria-12

As a state park, this option was completely adopted in March 1980.


Color tones SAR sign traditional for symbols of Arab countries. The rectangular cloth is broken into three horizontal uniform sectors: the red stripe, white and black. The sequence of their placement from top to bottom.

A white field in the center depicted two symmetrically located five-pointed stars of green. The distance between them is 1/3 of the flag length. The proportions of the sides of the flag are consistent with themselves, as 2 to 3.

Colors flag Syria

SAR flag is represented by four colors: red, white, black, and green.

Meaning colors flag Syria

The color tones of the symbolism of the republic symbolize the family, revealing the state during the entire history.

  1. Red – Haricots: Islamic grouping of the 7th century. This coloring is denoted not counting this hashish.
  2. White – MNIT Family of Meadow, who used such a tone as mourning. The period of the existence of the family, 661-750.
  3. Black – symbolizes the prophet Mohammed and Abbasid Khalifa (8-12th century).
  4. Green – MNIT Caliphate Fatimids, and symbolizes Islamic religion.

The colors of the SAR sign and the 2nd interpretation:

  1. Red – blood spilled in the course of the struggle for independence and freedom;
  2. White – world;
  3. Black – the colonial past, SAR;
  4. Stars are the peoples of Siri and Egypt, included in the Oar.

Similar flags

Not counting Egyptian and Iraqi flags At the Syrian symbol, not counting these signs of Sudan and Yemen.

Flag of Syria-13

  • Like coloring lanes but in the reverse order was also at the German sign (2nd Reich) of the period 1867-1919.

Flag of Syria-14

Other flags

Among the symbols of the second state structures must be emphasized:

  • Standard President SAR;

Flag of Syria-15

  • Armed Forces SAR;

Flag of Syria-16

  • Syrian Arab Army;

Flag of Syria-17

  • Fleet;

Flag of Syria-18

  • Air Force.

Flag of Syria-19

Interesting facts about the flag

With the beginning of the Civil War (2011.), opposing parties are under their own signs. Among them:

  • Temporary Government of Syria,

Flag of Syria-20

  • Government of salvation,

Flag of Syria-21

  • Syrian Turkmen,

Flag of Syria-22

  • Syrian Kurds.

Flag of Syria-23

Non-specialized information about Syria

Official language Arab
Capital Damascus
Territory 185 180 km2
Population 17 070,000 people
Currency Syrian pound (SYP, 760)
Telephone code +963
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