Flag of Libya: meaning and colors

The Government of Libya is the easternmost to Egypt Country of Africa. For a long existence, a couple of signs changed.

History flag of Libya

It was officially approved in the first half of the 50s of the twentieth century, was used to be used to come to power by Muhammad Gaddafi, and appeared again at the end of his death.

Muhammad Gaddafi is a revolutionary, military, and politician who overthrown the monarchy and who has taken power in Libya in 1969. Was killed during the coup in 2011.

The first famous flag of Libya is considered to be the flag of Turkey – a white star and crescent on a red background.

Flag of Libya-1

Libya died under the control of Osmanov from 1511 to 1911.

Sleeping with, this coastal area of ​​the country had its own name – the Kingdom of Tripoli – and a personal sign, green with 3 white crescents. This territorial unit existed, not counting this, until 1911. In 1918, the republic was declared, the flag of which was the blue cloth with the image of a green palm and a white star over it. But 5 years later, Tripolitania has completed its own existence.

Flag of Libya-2

At the end of how the Italians captured the countryside during the war with the Turks, it is (coupled with 2-second colonies) began to be called the Italian North Africa, a modified was used as a sign Italian flag. It was depicted by the coat of arms in the form of a white cross on a red.

Flag of Libya-3

For the 2nd global war, Italy lost power over his colonies, he returned it for himself, but ultimately the domination seemed in his hands of England and used it.

Flag of Libya-4

England was the owner of the colony from 1943 to 1951.

At the end of the care of the British from the location of Libya, she shared on three districts – Fetzan, Kerenaica, and Tripoli. The flags of the 2nd region were actually similar to Ottoman, with the only difference that the Kerenaician flag duplicated Turkish, having a non-red, but a black background, and the star on the red flag of Fenian has applied the only contour.

Libya took independence in 1951, having received the status of the United Kingdom. Flags connected directly at the time and seemed a modern item.

Flag of Libya-5

At the end of the revolution in 1969, Panararabian tricolor red and white-black color.

Flag of Libya-6

In 1972, a golden eagle with a scroll was added to the flag of Libya.

Flag of Libya-7

Paired colors were used by the countries of the Arab uprising – the movement of resistance 1916-1918.

Gaddafi founded the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, which took a monophonic symbol of green.

Libya-8 flag

At the end of the rest of the revolutionary from fate, the country returned to the flag of the kingdom.


Represents three stripes, the average – twice the latter, the same depicted crescent with the star.

Colors flag Libya

Red, Black, Green, White.

Meaning colors flag of Libya

  1. Red – Fetzcian;
  2. Green – Tripolitania;
  3. Black – Kerenaiki;
  4. Crescent and Star – Islam.

In the 2nd interpretation – red – the struggle for independence, courage, and dedication of the fighter, green – the color of Islam, black – tribute to Kyrenaiki, the main part of the country.

Other flags

Navy, Libya had a personal symbol until 2011 – blue cloth with a white anchor on the right and the flag of JA Maria in the upper left corner.

Flag of Libya-9

The power in Libya changed more than once, the regimes and rulers changed, but at the end of the overthrow of the regime of Gaddafi, it was decided to return to historical origins – a symbol that personified independence and freedom.

Non-specialized information about Libya

Official language Arab
Capital Tripoli
Territory 1 759 541 km2
Population 7,200,000 people
Currency Libyan Dinar (LYD, code 434)
Telephone code +218
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