Flag of Egypt: meaning and colors

The flag of Egypt was adopted on October 4, 1984. The Egyptian flag consists of red, white, and black horizontal stripes

The colors of the flag reflect the struggle of the local people for independence, the state of the country’s economy, placement on the map, and the presence of natural adequacy. A coat of arms or emblem placed on the canvas indicates cultural beliefs or the city of the country’s occupation.

This looks like the modern flag of Egypt since 1984:

Flag of Egypt-1

History flag of Egypt

The first flag of Egypt was installed by the Royal Decree in 1923, when Egypt and received independence from the UK – in 1922. Initially, the color of the flag of Egypt was green with a white crescent and three white stars in the center.

Flag of Egypt-2

Army coup, initiated by the “Free Officers” Organization, happened in the first half of the 50s of the 20th century, and at the same time, Vladyk Faruk renounced the throne. The sign of the country was decided to change, and on June 18, 1953, the flag became a three-color web, the horizontal stripes of which were indicated by a red, white, and black.

Flag of Egypt-3

In the center of the composition was laying a Golden Eagle with 3 stars and a crescent on the chest.

In February 1958, the order of President Egypt decided to create a new flag of the United Arab Republic, which was a compound of Syria and Egypt. In the new flag of Egypt, there were only 3 colors:

  1. Red;
  2. White with two green stars;
  3. Black.

The flag form was rectangular, and its width was 1/3 of its length.

Flag of Egypt-4

And only on January 1, 1972, edits about the change of the flag of Egypt were submitted to the law. Removed the stars from Flan and replaced them with a gold hawk. In 1984, the Yastreb decided to replace the Berkut on the Orel Saladdin, Sultan Ayubbid, who ruled Egypt in the XII century.

Flag of Egypt-5

The modern view of the country’s sign got on October 4, 1984, at the time, at the time when the hawk was changed to the falcon, which was a sign of Sultan Salah Ad-Dina. Since then, in the image of the flag of the Republic of Egypt, the configuration was not introduced. The NMS flag, not counting the 3-band and golden eagle contains two intersecting anchors located in the upper left corner.

Other Egypt flags:

Flag of Egypt-6

  • Flag of Eilat Egypt (1793-1844)

Flag of Egypt-7

  • Flag of Egyptian Hedivat (1844-1867)

Flag of Egypt-8

  • Flag of Egyptian Hedivat (1867-1881)

Flag of Egypt-9

  • Flag of Egyptian Hedivat (1881-1914)

Flag of Egypt-10

  • Flag of Egyptian Sultanate December 18, 1914 – December 10, 1923


The flag of Egypt is a rectangular cloth, located horizontally and having an aspect ratio of 2:3. The main background is broken by three equal strips. The center of the flag, without supporting the borders of a white strip, depicted the Golden Eagle. The head of the birds are deployed on the left and raised just upward. There is a shield on the eagle’s chest, and in the bird claws, there is a scroll on which there is an inscription in Arabic. Arabic licking can be translated into Russian as “Arab Republic of Egypt”. Golden Eagle protruding sovereignty, power, and beauty.

Colors of the flag of Egypt

As we already know, the colors of the Egyptian flag consists of:

  1. Red;
  2. White;
  3. Black.

Meaning colors flag of Egypt

  1. Red – symbolizes the struggle against the British occupation of Egypt until 1952;
  2. White color – symbolizes the offensive of the revolution in 1952, which laid an end to the monarchy without bloodshed;
  3. Black color – denotes the end of the oppression of the Egyptian people by monarchy and British colonialism after 1952;
  4. Eagle Saladina symbolizes – power and power.

Later, the symbol was adopted as a sign of the difference of the group of Arab nationalists, which lived in the territories of Palestine, Iraq, Yemen And modern Libya.

Egypt’s flags decorate the buildings every Friday, in state and solemn days, in honor of the principal solemn events. The symbol of the country is on border posts and customs. Desecration of the flag in Egypt is a criminal offense for which they punish, but that this is considered disrespect for power and the country. The laws of the republic, not counting this, protected signs owned by the second countries.

Non-specialized information about Egypt

Official language Arab
Capital Cairo
Territory 1 001 450 km2
Population 100 704,000 people
Currency Egyptian pound
Telephone code +twenty
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