Flag of Iraq: meaning and history

Flag of Iraq – one of the main signs of statehood of this country. Today’s flag of the Iraqi Republic is quite young: he was adopted by the Parliament of the country in 2008.

So the modern flag of Iraq looks:

Flag Iraq-1

History flag of Iraq

In just 98 years of independence, Iraq changed 7 flags. The first flag of Iraq was a canvas, like the modern Jordanian flag: Three stripes horizontally painted in black, white, and green colors with a red triangle at the left edge.

Flag of Iraq-2

3 years later (in 1924), he was subjected to modification: the triangle on the left side of the flag was shortened to the state of a geometric trapezium. In the same figure were placed two white stars with seven peaks.

Flag of Iraq-3

In this form, the flag existed for 35 years. In the 2nd half of the 50s of the 20th century, an armed riot happened in Iraq that the ruled monarchic family. This was reflected in the municipal flag, which appeared in a very new appearance: now it has been folded from three vertical strips, painted into black, white, and green colors, respectively. On the central strip of white, not counting this was a red figure in the form of a shone with seven vertices and a yellow circle in the center. Such the sun was added to the flag not just like that – yellow color meant the Kurdish population Ukraine, And red – Assyrian people of this country.

Flag of Iraq-4

But this flag remained the sign of Iraq for a short time – after 4 years in the country, an army coup happened again. The new municipal flag was a canvas, folding out of three lanes of subsequent colors: red, white, and black. They were equal and placed horizontally. In the middle of the flag were arranged three green stars. The stars on the flag meant the declared goals of the ruling (and the only legitimate at the time in Iraq) of the Baas political party: “Unity”, “Freedom”, “Socialism”.

Flag of Iraq-5

In 1991, the flag was supplemented with a tackie (phrase “Allah Akbar!”) Written by Honor of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. At the end of the overthrow of Hussein in 2004, the Tabier began to be written on the flag of a good Arab letter.

Flag of Iraq-6 Flag of Iraq-7

The last configuration on this day in the flag of Iraq occurred in 2008: the flag was devoid of green stars.


At the end of the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein, there was a proposal to take the flag, not at all similar to any historical Iraqi fabric. It was wasted from a white cloth with 3 narrow stripes at the bottom (color stripes – blue, yellow, blue). On the very white cloth was depicted by a zado-blue crescent.

The Blue Crescent on this version of the Iraqi flag performed the sign of Islam, two blue stripes – the Great Rivers of Iraq (Euphrates and Tiger), and the yellow line – Kurds Civilization. But this version of the state sign did not get popularity from Iraqi Arabs: he was considered very similar To Israel Tricolor.

Description flag of Iraq

The current flag of Iraq, adopted in 2008, looks like a rectangular mold fabric of the three horizontal equal strips. Top-down stripes have red, white, and black colors. The center of the canvas (on the white strip) depicts the inscription “Allahi Akbar!”, Written not in small font with a good Arab letter.

Meaning colors and flag sign

The red color of the Iraqi flag – the symbol of the fight against the enemies of Islam. White defines Arabic nobility and nobility. Black – past Iraqi people and countries. Green color, which on the flag applied inscription “Allahi Akbar!”- not the bad color of the Islamic world.

There is another interpretation of these characters and colors, according to which the red is considered to be the color of the DOISLABLE Arab Arab religion, white – the color of the unity of the Arabs of the whole world, and the black – the color of the sorrow by fallen in battles.

Non-specialized information about Iraq

Official language Arabic and Kurdish
Capital Baghdad
Territory 435 052 km2
Population 37 056 169 people
Currency Iraqi Dinar (IQD, code 368)
Telephone code +964
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