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The municipal sign of the Jordania Hashemitsky kingdom is his flag. Along with the coat of arms and the anthem of the country, he is a trailer part of the official attribute. As in any country, in Jordan, the flag bears the story of the whole people, its traditions, and its culture.

So the modern flag of Jordania looks:

Flag of Jordan-1

History of the flag of Jordania

The history of the Jordania flag begins with the first world. Officially, he was approved on April 16, 1928. The base for him was taken closer to him, which used the prospectors of Arab resistance against Turkey in the course of the war. To give tribute to people, what desperately fought for the freedom of their own country, Jordanians decided to intend them a personal municipal flag.

It was created at the time at that time, at that time, at the time, at the time when Jordan itself was called the Principality of Transice. At that time it was still dependent on England, But not believing this at the end of the exemption from dependence in the 2nd half of the 40s of the 20th century, the municipal flag did not change.

Flag of the Arab Revolution Something similar to the Jordanian flag. He did not count this served as the base for municipal flags of many Arab States. The main difference from Jordansky is the absence of a seven-pin star. It is believed that such a star placed in the center of a red triangle testifies to seven bugrov, on which the main city of Jordan – Amman.

How does the Jordan flag look?

He has a rectangular shape. Full length exceeds the width. The flag of Jordan folds from 3 multi-colored stripes, which are placed horizontally. 1st band – green, 2-ala – white, and 3rd – black. Apart from the left on top of the bands, there is a red triangle, in which a seven-point star is depicted.

Colors of characters and flag – their meaning

On the flag of Jordania four colors, at least some of them are of particular importance.

Color strips – the personification of families of the Arab caliphs, and the Red Field is a symbol of a family that is in power.

  1. The black stripe symbolizes the family of Arab caliphs of the Abbasids.
  2. The red triangle is represented as a sign of the royal family of has its. She began his personal existence from the Prophet Muhammad and rules for the last 100 years.
  3. Green – Fatimide Symbol. This family rule before the arrival of the Crusaders.
  4. White Color – Omeyad Family.
  5. Seven rays of the star determine the 7 principal features in the life of every Jordanian: faith in the 1st single Most High, modesty, nobility, state spirit, virtue, purposefulness, justice.

Mise that the red on the flag of Jordan personifies the blood that shed fighters for the independence of the country.

Flag of Jordan-2

Flag of Navy Jordania

Flag of Jordan-3

Royal Standard

The national flag is the pride and history of the country. Jordania stored a personal flag for many years and invests a special essence into a symbol and each color, the fact that the personal government is a repetition of the incorrect.

Non-specialized information about Jordan

Official language Arab
Capital Amman
Territory 92 300 km2
Population 9 856 034 people
Currency Jordanian Dinar (JOD, code 400)
Telephone code +962
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