Flags of Israel: image and meaning

Israel flag refers to the state symbolism of the country. Increased attention is paid to the choice of colors for the canvas and their combinations, and the ability the introduction the coat of arms or the emblem. The flag coloring shows the political system, the principle acts in history, the struggle for the features, and obtaining the independence of the country’s placement. The image posted on the flag can carry information about the cultural highlights of the country, the directions of religion, and the kind of classes of residents.

So the modern flag of Israel looks:

Israel flag-1

History flags of Israel

Before the origin of the country of Jewish signs was not, but some communities had personal distinctive signs. In the first half of the 50s of the fourteenth century, Czech Vladyk Karl IV allowed Jews living on the Prague terrain, to have a personal flag. He was a red cloth with a six-pointed star in the center.

This case was documented as 1st in history. The origin of the hexagram as a sign of the Jews.

In the first half of the 60s of the XV century, the Jews who lived in the Hungarian capital took the personal flag. The main background of Israel’s canvas, not counting this, was painted in red color, but the number of stars was increased to 4. Digger with these two stars depicted six-pointed. In the battle for Prague in the 2nd half of the 40s of the seventeenth century, local Jews were able to beat off the city from the invasion of the Swedes. For the dedication of the Jews, the red flag was granted with a yellowish star David, who had an image of a reduced copy of themselves.

The history of the modern flag of Israel begins in the city of Rishon Les. Then in 1885, in honor of the festival of Tu-BE AB, the public figure Israel Belkyind and his companion Fan Meerovich make another embodiment of the flag. On the white canvas, there were double blue stripes at the upper and lower edges, and in the center, there was Magen David.

In coordination with the second option in the center of the Israel flag, Lion was signed as the knee sign of Judah.

In the 2nd half of the 90s of the XIX century, the Political Zionist Theodore Herzl in the “Jewish State” written by him mentions his own version of the image of Israel’s symbolism. He says that the Jewish people have no flag, but it is definitely lacking in it. Herzl calculated the people leading a huge number of followers, you need to have a personal distinctive symbol.

The option was a white canvas that he associated with an unattached and new fate. On the flag, not counting this stationed seven stars symbolizing semi-hour working days. In coordination from the standpoint of Hercel, Jews had to be part of the refreshed country, having a symbol of labor.

Later, David Wolfson, managing the Jewish company, was presented to the modern version of the design of the Israel flag. The database of the fictional web was captured by the idea of ​​a white bedspread for prayers – Tallis. In the center of the flag, in the idea of ​​a leader of Zionism, David’s shield should be depicted.

Israel-2 flag

This version of the state symbolism of Israel was adopted in September 1933 by the participants of the Jewish Congress. By decree Winston Churchill, the new flag was the base of the official banner of the Jews Brigade, which was operating within the 2nd global.

In 1920-1948, a flag based on the British Red Flag (Engl was limited in the Mandate Palestine.) with the title of the sub mandates terrain in the White Circle on the right-hand side of the panel.

Israel-3 flag

The Israeli flag was approved on October 28, 1948. At the moment, the government has been officially official for 5 months. The adoption of the state sign was delayed since a thorough selection was carried out in the midst of a huge number of projects. At first, I liked the flag, at the moment in the form of 3 vertical stripes of blue and white with a star of David in the center.

But they gave preference to horizontal lines, which were associated with heaven and sea.

Challenge that one of the first who contributed to the return and blue as a state coloring was Ludwig Augustus von Frankl, who lived in the XIX century. He was engaged in journalism on education, he wrote quite enough and invented poems, and worked as a teacher.

Israel-4 flag Israel-5 flag

Description of the flag of Israel

Israeli flag has a white blade with horizontal blue stripes on the sides. White and blue parts of symbols are in the ratio of each other as 3:5:16:5:3. In the center of the flag, without touching the top and bottom strip, is the image of the star David. The star consists of 2 equilateral triangles, the foundations of which are parallel to pretty horizontal blue flag strips.

Colors flags of Israel

The state flag of Israel contains two colors: blue and white. In white painted the main background of the canvas, while in blue color shows horizontal stripes and star symbol in the center.

Meaning colors and flag sign

In coordination with the history of Israel, the flag of its coloring page reminds the cape of the Tale, which the Jews are used in the course of prayer. The history of the combination of white and blue begins with the bike of the centuries, which are stated in the Torah – the Holy Book of Jews. The book has an entry that the Highest, creating the commandments, passed through Moses a request for the Jewish people so that they constantly wore a quietly. The cycle was a beam in the form of a brush, brushed to the corners of the qualities, in which the blue thread was woven.

Sleeping with it the blue itself is associated with the sea and the sky. In this color, painted and hexagram, placed in the center of the white background.

The star of David reflects 6 not bad features of the Jewish people: modesty, honesty, chastity, generosity, humility and selflessness.

The so-called Shield of David seemed even during the time of the Jewish king Solomon, in harmony, in coordination with some sources, one of his pagans brought. In the 2nd version, the symbol originated in India, but no person knows how he was in Israel.

Researcher of the Jewish Heritage Uri Fisher says that the configuration of the star resembles the flower shape, which was located under each of the 7 lighting devices of the Temple Mind. In coordination from the standpoint of the scientist flower, it was not that the 2nd, like a white lily, about which there is a mention in the Aramaic translation of the Old Bible of Onkelos.

When developing the design of the modern state flag of Israel, about 170 projects were considered. Some sketches were a yellow and orange, and red and purple color, which personifies the royal power. But from the introduction on the flag of the yellow flight, the Jewish stars were painted in this color, which Jews were supposed to wear through the existence of a fascist Germany.

Non-specialized information about Israel

Official language Hebrew
Capital Jerusalem
Territory 20 770 km2
Population 9 136,000 people
Currency New Shekel (ILS, code 376)
Telephone code +972
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