Flags Lebanon: meaning and colors

Lebanon – Middle Eastern government, during the years of its own existence, to go to three countries. But this did not make an action on self-determination, which manifested very early, much earlier than the republic became free.

So the modern flag of Lebanon looks:

Flag of Lebanon-1

History flags Lebanon

In 1517, at the end of the addition of Lebanon to Turkey, its ruler, Sultan Selim I, the state used the flag of conquerors – a red floor with the white crescent and a star. Ottoman domination lasted more than four hundred years.

Flag of Lebanon-2

At the end of the collapse of Turkey, Lebanon changed the personal flag

Flag of Lebanon-3

But in the first half of the 20s of the twentieth century, Lebanon, then as part of a large Syria, England was captured, all the occupation it was used in the flag.

frankincense-4 flag

Later, the area was handed over to France and Lebanon, except that after the withdrawal from the Syrian country remained under its control, and the flag that was quite right the same as in France, but with cedar on the central strip, before the start of the second global war, while, at the time, while, at a time when Germany occupied France.

Flag layout was created and officially approved in 1943, while, at the time, while, at a time when Lebanon took independence. First, a sketch was drawn by the government parties.

frankincense flag-5

frankincense flag-6

In the second half of the 60s of the twentieth century, it was nekordinalno to change and took the view that it has to this day.

Sketch on the flag of the country in the same coat of arms.


It is a flag rectangular aspect ratio 2:3, in which there are three horizontal bands of different sizes. Central occupies half of the entire area of ​​the cloth from her top and bottom, two others are having the same color and size.

The middle portion, equidistantly from the shaft and the free edge, depicted Lebanese cedar.

Colors flag Lebanon

It has three colors – red, white and green.

Meaning colors and flag sign

  • Red – independence, military valor, and the blood of soldiers shed in battles and uprisings against the occupation.
  • Spotless – thoughts and snow-white snow lying in the local mountains.
  • Lebanese cedar – a historic symbol of the republic, it represents happiness and prosperity prevailing in the country areas, and immortality, with this being a reference to the biblical texts, in which they say that the righteous “grow like a cedar in Lebanon”.

Other flags

  • The army has a personal flag – rectangular, divided by 2 triangles – red and white – in half, with an army coat of arms in the center.

Flag of Lebanon-7

  • Air Force, not counting this, is familiar with the difference – blue, with the coat of arms of the Air Force.

Flag of Lebanon-8

  • Republican Guard. Its symbol is a dark blue, with the coat of arms of the country and the guard.

Flag of Lebanon-9

  • Flags of the 2-parties – Communist and Democratic.

Flag of Lebanon-10 Flag of Lebanon-11

Lebanon connected in his symbols and historical features proper for the country, and biblical motives resembling spirituality.

Non-specialized information about Lebanon

Official language Arab
Capital Beirut
Territory 10 452 km2
Population 6 856 021 people
Currency Lebanese Pound (LBP, 422)
Telephone code +961
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