Flag of Sudan: meaning and colors

Sudan (Republic of Sudan) is one of the huge countries in Africa. The country is distinguished by a large geographical manifold – deserts, mountains, swamps, tropical forests. Territory It forms 1.9 million.sq.km., with a population of 40 million. human. The name of the country is translated from the Arab “Bourban Al-Sudan” as “Country of Black.

So the modern flag of Sudan looks:

Sudan-1 flag

History flag of Sudan

From the story as we know that in the IV-XVI centuries. NS. On the ground of modern Sudan, there were various countries, among them and good Christian – Alva (or Alfia) and Mukurra. In the 20s of the XIX century, this territory has become a possession of Egypt, The second word came into Turkey.

Flag of Sudan-2

Among the XIX century in this region began to strengthen the impact England And the gradual strengthening of her role was the event that in the 2nd half of the 90s of the XIX century, she with Egypt signed an agreement on the development of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (condominium). Almost Sudan became an English colony.

Sudan-3 flag

  • The official flag was listed by Egyptians.

Flag of Sudan-4

  • Not paying attention to this, Sudan was a military organization under the name of the Sudanese defense forces, which had its own symbolism.

Flag of Sudan-5

In the 50s of the past century in Egypt, Revolution occurred and was a consequence of the Law on the Termination of the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement on Sudan. In 1955, the country’s parliament voted for independence and from January 1, 1956, Sudan became a republic.

The official sign was approved by the blue-yellow-green tricolor with the horizontal placement of strips.

Flag of Sudan-6

In April 1955, the Bandung Conference was held, a coordinated platform of which was anticolonialism and anti-imperialism. Sudan at the conference was presented with a sign, which was the inscription with the title of the country.

Sudan-7 flag

For the Democratic Republic of Sudan (the new name of the country) in May 1970, a new version of the flag was created and approved.


The Flag of the PC has a frame form of a rectangular shape with the correlation of the sides to each other as 1 to 2. It is broken by three horizontal stripes of uniform width. The color palette of the stripes is in the subsequent sequence: the top is red, in the middle of white and the bottom is black.

On the left side of the panel (in the rose) depicts an equilateral triangle of green, one side of which in size converges from the width of the panel.

Colors flag Sudan

Four colors are used on the flag of the republic:

  1. Red;
  2. White;
  3. Black;
  4. Green.

They are all listed by standard Panera colors.

Meaning colors flag of Sudan

Designation of the color of the sign has its interpretation:

  1. Red – symbolizes the struggle for independence;
  2. White – peace and light;
  3. black – personifies the government;
  4. Green – symbolizes Islamic religion, and wealth, and agriculture.

Past symbol, period 1956 – 1970., folded from three colored stripes, not counting it had his interpretation: blue – symbolized the River Neil, yellow – desert, green – golden lands. The variant of this symbolism is used by the opposition.

Other flags

Among the second flags, it is necessary to emphasize the signs:

  • State or government structures
  • The ideal of the president;

Flag of Sudan-8

  • Customs.

Flag of Sudan-9

  • Army
  • Air Force;

Flag of Sudan-10

  • Morpe.

Flag of Sudan-11

Similar flags

Red-white-black tricolor, having horizontal location, seemingly not counting this on the signs of the second states of the Arab world:

  • Egypt,

Flag of Sudan-12

Sudan-13 flag

Flag of Sudan-14

Flag of Sudan-15

Interesting facts about the flag

Black on the sign of the country, not counting the official interpretation, has 2nd. He, in other words, relates to the Mahdis War (1881-1899.), at the time, when one of the caliphs used a blackboard for recruitment of Arabs.

Sudan-16 flag

  • The second caliphs used the signs of another type:

Sudan-17 flag Sudan-18 flag

Non-specialized information about Sudan

Official language Arabic and English
Capital Harum
Territory 1 886 068 km2
Population 39 578 828 people
Currency Sudanese pound (SDG)
Telephone code +249
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