Flag of Guyana: colors and meaning

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana, until 1966. English Guiana – Government located in North-Eastern South America. North it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the 2nd part of the country borders Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. Guyana – the only English country on the mainland. Area About 215 thousand km2, with a population of 801.6 thousand. human.

So the modern flag of Guyana looks:

Gaiana-1 flag

History of the flag

The first Europeans, who opened in the XV century the coast of Guyana, were Spaniards, whom she never intrigued, because of swampy terrain. But, other European countries (France, Britain, Netherlands) fought for the right to own it. At first, Holland founded personal settlements in the place, but at first, England captured them and, according to the Vienna Agreement of 1814, took these lands, later the named English Guiana.

In 1966 Guyana became a free state. In the same year, the municipal flag of the country was acting and now was adopted.

Previously, various flags to Guyana were used, which denoted belonging to some metropolis:

  1. Republic of the United Provinces (Holland). Options from 16 to 19th century and end 18 Start 19th century:
  • Historic Furnish Flag from 16 to 19th century;
  • Historic Furnish Flag since the end of 18 early 19th century.

France from 1810 to 1814:

  • England from 1814 before independence.
  • Gaiana flag 1875 – 1906

Gaiana-2 flag

  • Gaiana flag 1906 – December 8, 1954

Gaiana-3 flag

  • Gaiana flag December 8, 1954 – May 26, 1966

Flags Guyana was depicted on the principle of all panels, which means belonging to the overseas territories of Britain. On a blue background in the upper left corner of the Britain sign, and the right of the coat of arms of the country.


The municipal symbol has a rectangular shape with the proportion of the parties – 3 to 5. The edge of the flag attached to the tree is found for 2-triangles. An equally yellow triangle having a white edging, height is equal to the length of the flag, and the angle of equal parties converges with the center of the width of the flag with a turnover base of the side.

In the first triangle depicts the 2nd – equilateral triangle of red. Its edging has a black color.

Colors flag of Guyana

The main colors on the state sign Guyana are: green, yellow, red. To divide the main colors from each other, as an additional, used white and black.

Meaning colors the flag of Guyana

  1. On the flag, green symbolizes nature, forest vegetation has given Countries in Africa.
  2. Yellow – this is a symbol of a natural remarkable future and resources, and red is evidenced by the valet Ukraine, His persistence in the struggle for independence.
  3. Slices of white color symbolize rivers and water resources, and black – resistance of residents of Guyana in overcoming problems.

Interesting facts about the flag

The Guyana flag is periodically called the “golden tip of the arrows” or a short “golden arrow” for the reason that the drawing released on a green background has similarities with the tip of the arrows. And not one but 2nd: yellow boom circled white stripe and red-black.

Non-specialized information about Guyana

Official language English
Capital Georgetown
Territory 214 970 km2
Population 773 303 people
Currency Guyana American Bax (GYD, code 328)
Telephone code +592
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