Flag of Cape Verde: meaning and colors

Located in the hundreds of km from North-West Africa, the Republic of Cape Verde is famous for its own culture, combining both African and Portuguese traditions and, obviously, a musical style – MORNA, included in the cultural inheritance of UNESCO.

So it looks modern flag Cape-Bed:

Flag Cape Verde-1

History flag Cape Verde

Starting from the 15th century, at that time, at the time, at a time when Portugal Colonized the islands of the greenish cape, these terrains lived under the flag of the governor, which was listed by an official sign of the 1st example for all Portuguese colonies.

Cape Verde-2 flag

In the 60s of the past century, individual signs were approved for all overseas territories Flag of Portugal, In the right part of which the coat of arms of colonial locality was depicted – Cape Verde.

Cape Verde-3 flag

From the mid-20th century on the islands began moving resistance, headed by the African independence party Guinea and Cape Verde (page). As a banner, the flag of three colors (green, yellow, red) with a five-pointed star of black color was used, which, at the end of the independence of Guinea-Bissau (1974 g.), became the official ground of this country.

Cape Verde-4 flag

Drawing with this, Portugal agreed with the autonomy of Cape Verde, and in 1975. The country has become free.

Really curious! Free country Only the Paige flag, adding the corn stem on the red part of it in the form of a wreath, at the base of which shell.

Cape Verde-5 flag

Now the current municipal flag of the Republic of Cape Verde officially 1st time was raised in September 1992, at the time, while the country chose a democratic path of development.


Cape Verde-6 flag

The flag of the Republic of Cape Verde has a rectangle shape, but its proportions are not uncomplicated for, ordinary eyes, the emblems of most free states. Its length to width correlates the proportion of 17 to 10. This is a blue cloth, divided into 2 unequal parts by 3 stripes of white-red-white flowers, indicated by horizontal. In the left half of the half, 10 five-pointed asterisks of golden color are circled. The number of stars is equalized by people, the islands of the green cape.

The center of the circle falls on the red strip. Circle radius is 25% panel width. The same amounts forms the bottom blue part and the total width of the red and white stripes. The width of the highest part of blue is 50% width of the panel.

Colors flag Cape Verde

Four colors are used on the country’s flag: blue, white, red, and yellow (golden). Alternation of colors, letting me, speaks of the course of the formation and country of citizenship.

Meaning colors flag Cape Verde

The Blue Flag of the Republic of the Republic of Cape Verde symbolizes water expanses of the Atlantic Ocean near the islands of the Green Cape, on which the government is located. Not counting this, blue shows the color of the sky above the state.

A strip of red on the flag of Cape Verde personifies the perseverance and perseverance of islanders. As for white color, this is a symbol of the world, what the people trigs.

Interesting facts about the flag

  • Flag of the Republic of Cape Verde used by land sun and Navy. Cape Verde flag pegs on masts of state, personal vessels, and on the ships of the merchant fleet.
  • The current flag of the country is different from the fact that the idea of ​​the Atlantic Nation is embodied in it and more correlates with the flag of the EU (circular stars on a blue background), and with the Flag of the USA (Red-white stripes).

Flag not counting country officials will be able to raise (use) and everyday citizens.

  • 10 stars on white and red stripes personify the place of Cape Verde on the main transatlantic marine and air freeways.

Non-specialized information about the Republic of Cape Verde

Official language Portugal Regional or Local Official Language: Cabinda
Capital Praia
Territory 4033 km2
Population 583 255 people
Currency Escudo Cape Verde (CVE, code 132)
Telephone code +238
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