Flag of Canada: meaning and colors

Canada – Higher World Government, Wedding South American Mainland. In the size of the occupied area, it is inferior to the palm of the championship only RF. This is a fascinating symbiosis of an innocent nature and modern urban destiny.

So the modern flag of Canada looks:

Canadian flag-1

History flag of Canada

Canada has a very fascinating history of the flag: it is the product of long discussions and disputes. Until 1965 there was constant configuration in its outer form, due to the antagonism of the colonies and territories of France England.

  • The 1st version of the canvases seemed at the end of the fifteenth century. Seawing and nonsense John Capet installed on his vessel as an English cross. Johor. A recognizable Italian was on the Naval Work at the British.
  • It will take two to 10 years, and French courts will be distinguished before Canada. On the left bank, he raises the flag with lilies, symbolizing France.
  • According to the results of a long struggle between the 2 leading countries include Canada in the Council England. In the 2nd half of the 30s of the XVIII century, the official flag of the country will be the nameable “Union Jack” – Municipal flag of England.
  • In the 2nd half of the 60s of the nineteenth century, the divided Canadian provinces will combine. In the investigation, it will seem the need to create a municipal flag. But for a long time, this question was not solved: the population of the country was very disobeys and multi-national. About weaken years, the inhabitants used the colonial version of the British Red Flag.
  • In the 2nd half of the 40s of the 20th century, such a version of the state symbolism was carried out on the discussion: the yellow leaf of maple arises on the site of the Canadian coat of arms. But this sentence rejected the flight.
  • Answer Premier Canada Lester Pearson. But it came out only in the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century. Within 40 days in parliament, lively disputes about the need for their own banner. Later they will be called the longest debates in the history of the country. Ultimately, after all, came to an excellent answer, since that time in Canada, the usual version of the canvas.

In October 2018, the country was allowed to trade hemp seeds. In society, this news took a huge resonance; not counting it went rumors about the introduction of a new flag. Tipo on the site of the maple page should seem the sheet of marijuana. But there were no official confirmations about this.


The national name of the panel – “National Flag of Canada”, unofficial, “maple leaf”, came from British. In French, it is pronounced as “Uniform.”

  • The flag is a rectangular cloth with a square in the center. Its length is twice as much width.
  • A white figure shows a red sheet of maple with eleven finishes. He denotes a huge number of second maple leaves.
  • The cloth has bilateral symmetry; The front and auto side of the Canadian sign one hundred percent is similar.

Colors of the flag

The modern country flag is a red maple leaf on a white background framed by red stripes around the edges.

At first, it was planned to depict three wood pages on the banner but ultimately left one to allocate the unity of all Canadians again.

Meaning colors flag Canada

Scientific interpretation of flag colors does not exist, but there is a couple of unofficial guesses.

Red and white – approved by Canada colors, which are related to the history of the country.

  1. Red – Mention of the first British flag – Cross of Holy Johor.
  2. White – a symbol of lilies french crown.

2nd interpretation of color designation:

  1. Red stripes call for nothing in the head about the spilled blood of the Canadian fighter, which gave their destiny during the first and 2nd global wars.
  2. White Center – Canada Earth, Snow-Covered Impressive Part.

Someone confident is that the red stripes around the edges are a conditional image of 2 oceans – a quiet and Atlantic. From the 2nd side, they wash the country. No wonder the state’s motto of Canada became the phrase: from the sea and to the sea.

Regarding the image on the canvas of the maple page, there is a whole legend. At that time, at the time, at the time, when Prince Wales at the start time visited Canada, the inhabitants came to him with good signs of their own people: the British carried roses, and the Scots were thistle. Only a new generation of Canadians had nothing to pick up with them, based on this, they were going to choose in favor of maple leaves.

At the moment, the presence of a page on the flag is regarded as greatness and a symbol of beauty.

Flag of Canada-2

Interesting facts about the flag

  • The number and order of the finish of the maple page were chosen not accidentally, and at the end of the experience in the aerodynamic tube. He showed that in the parameters of a strong wind directly such a drawing will be less distorted.
  • In Canada, there is an unofficial regulation, which is allowed to turn the flag of some kind, but not all adheres to it.
  • If the canvas is vertical, the cutlets of the maple page should be left to the right.
  • An example of the flag of 1867 participates in solemn ceremonies, which are related to historical events. This is a symbol of state memory and tribute to the past generations.

Flag of Canada-3

  • In the first half of the 20s of the XX century, the coat of arms was changed and supplemented, in the same year, there was a change in the flag. The image of the old coat of arms, which includes the coat of arms of 9 provinces, was replaced by the five-part shield, which is currently a small emblem of Canada.

Flag of Canada-4

  • The official version of the banner was adopted in 1965: it was raised at the initial time on a parliamentary bug. But to celebrate the Days of the State Flag, they became significantly later: in the mirror-in-number 1996, February 15. Once a year on a sacred date, various maple leaves are sold and highlighted. These are not days off, but without a difference in a national holiday with a lot of solemn events.
  • In 2011, the Ministry of Heritage of Canada issues a reference book “Etiquette Flag.”Tips for the correct use of the state sign in it are a recommendation.
  • The fifty-year-old anniversary of the sign-in Canada celebrated the release of anniversary brands and coins.

At the moment, the image of the Flag of Canada has become so usual that it is not easy for ourselves not counting this to imagine that once could be second. It seems that the soul itself of the Canadian people is depicted on the canvas.

Non-specialized information about Canada

Official language English, French
Capital Ottawa
Territory 9 984 670 km2
Population 37 602 103 people
Currency Canadian Dollar (CAD, Code 124)
Telephone code +1
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