Flags of Luxembourg: meaning and colors

The Great Duchy of Luxembourg in his own history faced changes in political strictly, and with different options for one of the main emblems.

So the modern flag of Luxembourg looks:

Flag of Luxembourg-1

History flags of Luxembourg

Villa I, Vladyk Netherlands, In 1815 he became the ruler of Luxembourg. Together with its origin, the country appeared and signs – flag and coat of arms like modern.

Luxembourg in 1815 coupled with Belgium was part of the United Kingdom Netherlands. The main part separated in 1830, the remaining – in 1890.

Later, the head of the Christian and Social Party proposed to approve a new flag. It was staged in a white and blue strip (each color – 5 lanes), in the center of which placed the red lion, standing on the 2nd paws and raised the front-up, the head of the Lion is crowned with a gold crown. So that the color is the language and claws of the animal, the muzzle of which is noticed on the tree. He had a name – “Red Lion”.

Flag of Luxembourg-2

But in the first half of the 70s of the twentieth century, the Red and White, Blue Flag was again returned and became the official sign of the Duchy. And 20 years later, in 1992, the blue color became more remarkable to designate the difference with the Flag of the Netherlands.


It is a tricolor with strips of monochrome length and width – red, white, and blue.

Colors of the flag of Luxembourg

Red, White, Blue.

Meaning colors and flag sign

Management and residents of the country do not have the habit of somehow interpreting the colors and symbolism of their own panels, based on this, its Meaning can be found only by contacting good signs of heraldry.

  1. Red – blood spilled for freedom and independence, honor, courage, and courage.
  2. White – world, nobility, and openness.
  3. Blue – Sky, Cleanliness, and noble thoughts.

It is believed that these colors were popular with Luxembourg.

Other flags

The inhabitants of the country insisted for a long time on the fact that the “Red Lion” should be used as a distinguished sign of the fleet, the answer to this question was not taken for a long time. But at the moment it is a symbol of civil courts.

The same flag is considered the symbol of the Luxembourg family and to her belonging to it from the XIII century.

Interesting facts about the flag

From Flag of the Netherlands It differs only in the intensity of the color of the lower strip, the Great Duchy is not more convenient.

Upon completion of the re-returning tongue, which is similar to the Netherlands, the government faced with the displeasure of people, which calculated the change in the shade of the band not very natural difference, the replacement of the flag did not follow, it remains for about half a place in his place.

Non-specialized information about Luxembourg

Official language Luxembourg, French, German
Capital Luxembourg
Territory 2586.4 km2
Population 602 005 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978)
Telephone code +352
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