Flag of Rwanda: meaning and colors

The Republic of Rwanda – East African government, with territory 26.3 thousand. Sq. km. and a population of 12.4 million. Human. Until 1991. The country was called the Rwandan Republic. The year of education of the country is considered to be the 1962nd, in which the separation of the area called Rwanda Burundi to two parts: Rwanda and Burundi.

So the modern flag of Rwanda looks:

Flag of Rwanda-1

History of the flag of Rwanda

Rwanda for a long time remained a closed territory for colonial European powers. For the initial time, they entered this land in 1892 in the forefront., What was the result of the Brussels Conference of 1890., In coordination with which this territory was transferred under the Protectorate of Germany (2nd Reich). For the 1st time, the state of the Rules German Eastern Africa, after the end of which received the government of Germany. This colonial territory included not counting Rwanda to the same terrain Burundi And Tanzania.

Flag of Rwanda-2

The flag of the colonial empire was a black and white-red cloth with a coat of arms in the center.

Flag of Rwanda-3

Shortly before the first world for East Africa, a new banner was created, which was not applied, t. To. At the end of the war, part of its terrain moved under the control of Belgium and got a new name – Ruanda-Urundi.

Flag of Rwanda-4

As a sign used Belgian symbolism.

Flag Rwanda-5

In the 50s of the past century, Belgium Began to conduct reforms, which became an event with resistance between local tribes (Tutsi, Hutu). It later turned into travel for independence. In the investigation of the revolution 1959-1961. The kingdom of Rwanda was overthrown in 1962. The country was proclaimed by the Republic. In 59-61, a tricolor with vertical red-yellow-green stripes was used as a flag.

Flag of Rwanda-6

In 61-62. The same sign on which the flowers of the red and green space were rearranged.

Flag of Rwanda-7

In July 1962. A new sign of Rwanda was adopted, repeated in tricolor 59-61, only the Latin letter “R” was added on the yellowish band so that he was distinguished from Flag Guinea.

The modern view of the sign was adopted in October 2001.


Rwanda’s sign is a cloth of a rectangular shape with the aspect ratio of 2 to 3. It is broken into three horizontal stripes, of which the blue (from above) takes half the width of the flag, and the 2nd is not a good half equally divided between the strips of yellow and green colors.

In the back of the sides on the blue sign of the sign, the yellow sun is drawn.

Colors of the flag of Rwanda

The flag of the republic is made using 3 colors:

  1. Blue;
  2. Yellow;
  3. Green.

Meaning colors flag of Rwanda

Colors and signs on the flag symbolize:

  1. Yellow – gold and other natural wealth of the country;
  2. green – vegetation, tropical forests, prosperity;
  3. Blue – Rivers and Lake Kivu, happiness, peace, and chasing sky over the state.

The sun in the blue sky symbolizes the hope of a remarkable future of the republic.

The new flag of Rwanda symbolizes national unity, heroism, and confidence in tomorrow. Changing the type of flag dictated to the thirst for turning the black history of the Civil War and Genocide, 1994.

Other flags

Not paying attention to a small period of existence of the sovereign country, the Republic has other types of emblems and symbols. In the middle of them:

  • Presidential;

Flag of Rwanda-8

  • Defense forces in what are land and air.

Flag of Rwanda-9

Non-specialized information about Rwanda

Official language Kinyaruda, English, French and Swahili
Capital Kigali
Territory 26 338 km2
Population 12 374 397 people
Currency Rwandan Frank
Telephone code +250
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