Flag of Martinique: meaning and picture

Martinique – Caribbean Peninsula, from a long time belonging to France, was able to preserve a feature – his informal flag is considered one of the most inimitable in the world.

So the modern flag of Martinique looks:

Martinique flag-1

History flag of Martinique

The official flag of Martinique, one of the overseas territories of France, located in the Caribbean, is the French Tricolor. But not he, but another sign of the country, considered historical. He was adopted in the 2nd half of the 60s of the XVIII century. Like a marine Vympel of countries.

From 1664 peninsula has a colony, and since 1946 has the status of the France’s overseas department.


It is a cross on a monophonic background that crushes the background to four equal parts, in each of which a snake is located, which resembles a beak.

Colors of flag of Martinique

Blue and white.

Meaning colors of the flag of Martinique

The reason for the introduction of colors is not exactly clear, based on this, they should be interpreted, based on the basic laws of Heraldry.

  1. Blue – love for dedication, devotion, and greatness, and a symbol of huge water, in which territory is.
  2. White – clean and nobility.
  3. Letter L – from the title of Saint Lucia – from this island until 1803 was managed by Martinique.
  4. Residents are confident that snakes – the image of the rattles of snakes inhabiting these parts.

The symbol made by a couple of centuries ago, unlike others, than and attractive for many connoisseurs and connoisseurs Venxillology – sciences about flags.

Non-specialized information about Martinique

Official language French (official), proud-spoken language based on French and African languages ​​with borrowings from English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Territory 1128 km2
Population 392 291 people
Currency Euro
Telephone code 596
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