Flag of Gibraltar: color and meaning

The flag of Gibraltar is the main sign of the country. He does not count this more important than the anthem and coat of arms. Raising the flag noted the proclamation of the independence of the country, it is waters over the new territories as a sign of their entry into the country.

Flag – the word Dutch, testifies to the “Plot”. Based on such signs, the differences appeared on the courts to designate their state affiliation during marine bages of more than three hundred years ago.

The view and image of the flag on it are very meaningful. The Government is positioning itself in the world, declares its own higher treasures.

So the Gibraltar flag looks like a photo

Flag of Gibraltara-1

History flag of Gibraltar

Gibraltar has no official status of a free country, and now there is no image of the English flag on his flag, which is on the municipal signs of all other English territories.

The Gibraltar flag is 100% based on the image of his coat of arms. The coat of arms took the city on July 10, 1502, during the Spanish period of his own history as a gift from Queen Isabella Castilskaya, the one that finished the reconquest and equipped the expedition of Christopher Columbus, and from that time in his base remained unchanged. Possession of the city has become the determinant, the main point in the struggle between the Castillas and the Mauritians for domination in Spain.

The last official attribute of the Overseas British terrain was called “blue” and had a view of the blue panel with the image of the British flag in the ranking (the top left quarter of the panels) and the Gibraltar coat of arms.

1875 – 1982. – the time of existence of this flag. Until 1921, the coat of arms was depicted against the white circle background.

Flag of Gibraltara-2Flag of Gibraltara-3Flag of Gibraltara-4

Eighth of November 1982 – the date of adoption of the flag of Gibraltar in its modern form.

At the moment, the “blue cloth” with a coat of arms without a white circle flutters on the government courts of Gibraltar.

From March 19, 1996, civilian ships having Gibraltar registration walk under the “Red Flag”, having a red cloth with an English flag in a hide and germ coat of arms.

Flag of Gibraltara-5

Governor Gibraltar has a personal flag. It looks like a British with Gibraltar coat of arms in the center

Gibraltara-6 flag

Description flag of Gibraltar

The flag of Gibraltar, a small country with a rich, full history of history. It has a two-color White-red cloth with a depicting of a dilapidated castle on a white part. Top white stripe extensive lower red twice.

A red two-level castle in the center of the white band of the flag has three towers. Each tower has a window and door. From the door of the central tower on the red stripes hangs a golden key.

Flag of Gibraltara-7

The Meaning of the colors flag of Gibraltar

Western European Heraldry is fully based on the idea of ​​the Divine beginning of the whole beauty in the world. In Christianity, semantic meaning is fixed for each sacred color.

  1. White color symbolizes divinity, holiness, purity, and faith.
  2. Red – the color of the rescuer blood spilled them in the name of the fate of people. Apart from this color, Christians are associated with the image of a sacred fire, which will turn around on the day of a terrible court.

Color European symbolism without religious subtext from the old times white binding with light, water, and air, red was designated by the flame.

  1. White color in European heraldry is identified with respectable silver and denotes innocence and purity, peace and freedom.
  2. Red – a symbol of courage, courage, heroism, and blood spilled in the struggle for freedom.

Flag signs

The castle on the coat of arms symbolizes the Gibraltar fortress, and the golden key is the significance and significance of its position for Spain and the whole Mediterranean as a whole.

In the town of Gibraltar flag almost always flutters together with English. The Gibraltar flag is mounted on the border with Spain and on the top of the Gibraltar Mountain, which is familiar to the fight for freedom.

The flag similar to Gibraltar is available at the Spanish municipality of San Rock since the descendants of immigrants from Gibraltar who left the city at the end of the parish of the British in 1706.

Non-specialized information about Gibraltar

Official language English
Capital Gibraltar
Territory 6.5 km2
Population 29 581 people
Currency Gibraltar pound (GIP, code 292)
Telephone code +350 (for calls from abroad) 9567 (for Spain)
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