Flag of Chechnya

Chechnya flag was approved in the summer of 2004. The Chechen flag was re-consistent in the late spring of 2008 when the Chechen parliament directly in the second reading adopted the necessary laws on the main flag and the coat of arms, as well as the CC symbols presented in Grozny for official approval by the current head of the region. Further, this flag remained the symbol of the region.

Chechnya flag

Flag of the Chechen Republic: photo

Today’s banner of the republic is one of the important symbols of the region and has the original composition. Three horizontal stripes of various widths and another vertical strip, which is decorated with a gold pattern.

To view the flag of the Republic of Chechnya, you will need to look at his photo. There are no problems to consider this banner right now.

What does the Chechen flag look like

How does the Chechen flag look like? And what exactly he looks like? This is a banner of several horizontal strips:

  1. Top – green, even emerald.
  2. Middle – white.
  3. The Lower – Scarlet.

The very stock is a snow-white strip with a beautiful pattern. In fact, for the whole contour, this canvas is framed by a beautiful fringe color of gold.

The symbolism of the banner consists of a long vertical line and a few more horizontal types. Along with the entire trend, there is a snow-white line with a beautiful pattern of gold color, all other banners painted with snow-white, scarlet, and emerald stripes of various sizes. The ratio of all sides of the official banner of the republic – two to three. It is worth noting that full-size check lines are framed by the fringe color of gold.

It should also be noted that the key colors and shades of the panel (scarlet, yellow, snow-white, and green) were chosen not at all so. First, these are the usual colors of this area, and the gold pattern on the snow-white line is a local symbol.

Chechen flag

In addition, in these colors, there is a full sense of a special science called Heraldry. For example, the choice of flower data Classic heraldry treats as:

  1. Wildlife (Emerald).
  2. Large wealth (bright yellow).
  3. Power and courage (scarlet).
  4. Peaceful intentions (snow-white).

Thus, Chechnya is also peaceful intentions, and courageous power, and incredible wealth, and wildlife.

According to the current legislation, the use of the panels of the Chechen Republic with various violations entails compulsory responsibility. Thus, it is very important to adhere to compliance with the legislation of Chechnya. After all, today it is possible to punish in full compliance with the current legislation.

Ichkeria flag with wolf

Ichkeria – a country that existed on the site of the Chechen-Ingush Republic, but not the ball’s recognized legitimate. Thus, she actually existed exceptionally illegitimately, and today it is not, it is prohibited.

At the very beginning of the 90s, after the collapse of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, Ichkeria proclaims its own independence. It immediately begins a long military conflict between Russia and separatists. The CRI government after the completion of hostilities began to demand a fully independent country, but could not get it. All representatives of the power of the CRI are now considered to be terrorists and are subject to punishment on the current Penal Code.

Flag Ichkeria

Flag of Ichkeria – Plotten, the entire top half of which is the big green line. The bottom of Chechnya is divided into identical horizontal lines – green, red, and white colors. All of them symbolize different important senses, as mentioned earlier.

What do the country’s various banner symbols mean? She explains pretty just. So, green – the color of the world, prosperity, and well-being, as well as wildlife. This color has the largest area. He says that the Chechen people love peace and friendship, and also do not like to shed someone else’s blood. White color stripes are the heavy and long road, which are obliged to go in the region in order to become completely free. The line of red – it is the blood that was spilled by the warriors of the country in the name of the world.

Sometimes the image of the wolf is placed on the cloth. The cloth of the people of Ichkeria with the Wolf was created by the local artist Sultan Yushaev and improved to his wife Johahar Dudaev.

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