Confederate flag: meaning and history

Flags of the Confederate States of America are a constant subject of dispute. And all due to the fact that under this red flag of Confederate with the image of a blue cross with white stars fought soldiers of the slave-owned southern states against the army of northerners during the American Civil War. Southerners eventually lost the war, so slavery on the territory of the United States was officially canceled. Nevertheless, the flag of confederates still continues to use in individual states of the South of America.

Confederate Flag

Flags of the Confederate States of America: photo

The Flag of Confederates was created by generals specifically for the Armed Forces of the South USA. This cloth is:

  • Red square cloth.
  • Blue oblique cross with white-color stars inside.

To get acquainted in more detail with this banner, you should look at his photo.

Why the confederation flag is prohibited

Today’s use of this panel in the United States is extremely ambiguous and often causes fierce disputes, due to significant negative associations with racism and shameful slavery. Now it is a combat banner for a variety of inhabitants, is a symbol of all south of the USA. Many southerners are not without pride, bind the fighting flags of the Confederation with their own historical memory and various traditions.

The cloth has received his small rehabilitation during the time of the so-called “memorial period” from the end of the nineteenth century until the 1920s. Then there was a revival of the banner and its use in the United States significantly expanded. The banners of Yuuzhan became a symbol of the movement, defending the real heroism of the warriors of the army of the south of the USA and arguing that slavery was not at all the main cause of the tragic American Civil War. War, from this point of view, and is considered at all, as a heroic struggle, first, for:

  • Special South Life Image.
  • The rights of the states of America against the aggression of the North.

From 1961 to 2000, this cloud is proudly wound over the building of South Carolina. After that, he was transferred to the flagpole at the monument to the soldiers of the South Army.

The question of the flag of KSHA is the sharp acquired and was banned after June 17, 2015. In Charleston, a white racist named Dylan RUF shot a few dark-skinned parishioners of the local church. The killer managed to hide from the crime scene, but the next day the police detained him in the neighboring state of North Carolina. According to Dylan, he supports racist views and wants to start a real war between white and dark-skinned Americans as soon as possible. In different social networks, Ruth often published his photos, where I posed exactly the flag of the Confederation.

This tragic event immediately overflowed the bowl of patience. The vast majority of the votes of the Senate and the House of Representatives of South Carolina voted to remove from the flagpole “Symbol of Hate”.

July 9, 2015, Law about this signed the Governor of Nikki Haley. At the official ceremony of signing, she took advantage of nine handles, in order to pay in such a way of memory of each of the shot-down parishioners in Charleston.

Flag of Ksha

What meaning flag Confederate

What is this original banner today for the US and other countries of our planet? The Flag of the Confederation in America is now love to use radical right organizations and various oppositionists, on official cloths of such American states like North Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia, too, can also see the symbolism of confederates.

What does the Confederation Flag mean

However, at the same time, many residents of the South States honor the Ksha cloth, as a tribute to the history of their own country, hanging it at all without any political notch.

Finally, illegal American bikers clubs apply this confederate banner as the Meaning of disobedience and constant freedom struggle. This cloth with similar motifs is used today and outside the United States, so we can safely say that the combat confederates, and not the state-owned American banner of KSHA, is very popular today, especially in radical community organizations. Thus, the flag of Confederates in the United States today is a rather controversial banner, which has both proud defenders and fierce opponents.

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