Flag Hong Kong: color and meaning

The flag Hong Kong was adopted on February 16, 1990. And on August 10, 1996, it was approved by the PRC Committee on the transfer of Hong Kong sovereignty from the UK to the PRC. For the first time, officially raised on July 1, 1997, at the ceremony of this transfer.

Hong Kong is not a separate country, but a special administrative area in the composition of China. For more than 100 years, this territory belonged to England And only in the 2nd half of the 90s of the 20th century, the PRC was again transferred. These acts imposed a noticeable imprint on politics and culture and found a personal reflection in the young Hong Kong banner.

So the modern flag of Hong Kong looks like: photo

Flag of Hong Kong-1

History flag Hong Kong

Hong Kong ran into English sovereignty at the end of the first opium war ended in the first half of the 40s of the nineteenth century. Since 1843, the local government officially used the flag of England (Union Jack), at the same time the 1st emblem of Hong Kong was introduced – a schematic port image of the port, where two local merchants make a deal with the European on the background of a good British Sailboat and Johnque.

Flag of Hong Kong-2

In the 2nd half of the 60s of the nineteenth century, the 1st banner was issued using this emblem, in its base the British blue feed flag (blue cloth with the English flag in the upper left corner). But, Hong Kong Governor Richard McDonnell This option would not have done in the soul, based on this in the first half of the 70s of the nineteenth century, a new emblem appeared in the form of a reduction “HK” (Hong Kong) crowned crown on a white background.

Flag of Hong Kong-3

Well, this version existed not long. In the 2nd half of the 70s of the XIX century, it was returned to his emblem with the image of the port, which existed without configurations until 1955, at the time, at that time, at the time, when it was artistically processed, Making close to reality.

Flag of Hong Kong-4

From 1941 to 1945. The territory of Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese army. At the moment, it was not forbidden to use only the banner of the country of the rising sun.

In the 2nd half of the 50s and century, the 1st official coat of arms of Hong Kong was presented to the heraldic chamber. Two red junks on the shield were placed on the water and the golden crown, he has held the crowned lion and the Chinese dragon, the stylized image of the island was stylized below, and at the top of the next crowned lion with a ball in the paws.

Modern Banner – White Diffinity Flower (Local Bauhinia Blakeana Plant) on a red background, was approved by China in the first half of the 90s of the 20th century and since 1997 there is an official state, naval and civil flag.

The Basic Law of Hong Kong is correctly regulating not only the appearance of the banner, well, the rules for its introduction. For example, it is correctly spelled out, at the time, at the time, when the flag should be directly climbed and dropped, as it should hang (and stay), if it is used separately or in a compartment with a flag PRC, not counting this in which directly directly directly days must be lowered.

Separately agreed and ban on the introduction and emblems of the flag at least as personal organizations. For the abuse or improper implementation of the banner provided for criminal punishment.

Old colonial flag equally as previously quite often used in protests of supporters of independence of Hong Kong.


The flag is red rectangular cloth with a height ratio and 2:3 widths and a white five-point Duffer in the center. The flower diameter forms a 0.6 height, its petals diverge from the center, spinning clockwise. In the middle of each petal, there is a red five-pointed star, from which the line is stuck to the center of the flower. Together they resemble stylized stamens.

In the law, 8 standard sizes are fixed, the threshing – 288x192cm, the most Maverohanka – 15x10cm. Creating flags is not bad from the established standards not to be respected and threatens the confiscation of manufactured products and all materials used.

Colors flag Hong Kong

The red background of the Hong Kong flag on a shade completely converges with the fact that used in the Chinese flag (Paint is called “Chinese Red”). Flower image – 100 percent white.

Meaning colors and flag sign

Red color has had a big Meaning for China for a long time before coming to the authority of the Communist Party. He is associated with congratulations, celebration, success, well-being. On the flag of Hong Kong, this color symbolizes at first his unity with the rest of China. Not counting this Meaning have 5 stars on flower petals, which are repeated stars on the Chinese flag.

The combination of red and white reflects the position of Hong Kong – not paying attention to the fact that this area again comes into China, It has a double totality of management. The flower image itself harmonizes this duality.

Non-specialized information about Hong Kong

Official language Chinese and English
Territory 1106.4 km2
Population 7 524 100 people
Currency Hong Kong Dollar (HKD, code 344)
Telephone code +eight
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