Mayotte flag

Mayotte – Zaokan Territory, which is in the suggestions of France, without looking at the fact that in the last couple of decades, they are arguing with the Comoran Islands, in coordination with the main regulatory document, which Mayotte is available to its free formation. The right to belong to Mayotte for Komorami will agree and the main Assembly of the UN. Region Square – 376 km. 2, population – 246.5 thousand people.

So the modern Regional Flag of Mayotte looks:

Flag of Mayotte-1

History Mayotte flag

Mayotte is considered to be a protectorate of France from 1843, much earlier than the colony where all the Comoros were.

In 2009, on the referendum about the membership of Mayotte, most of the inhabitants spoke for the status of the Department of France. For this reason, it has no own official sign and the French tricolor is used for any national pretext.

Maotty-2 flag

But, Mayotte has a personal regional flag.


On a white background, the panels show two sea skates, which are delaying the shield, divided into two fields. In the top field of blue, a white crescent is represented, and on the bottom red field depicted two six-point stars of golden color.

In the highest part of the Latin signs of the red color, the name of the Mayotte region is inscribed, and the official slogan is written on the tape – the Mayotte “Ra Hachiri”, which testifies “We are vigilant”.

Colors Mayotte flag

The region’s sign used 5 colors: red, white, silver, blue, and golden.

Meaning colors flag

Flag of France colors used on the Mayotte flag. Crescent Horns, Such, is a symbol of the fact that 97 percent of its inhabitants are Muslims (Sunnis). Six-pointed stars are ylang flowers used in the manufacture of essential oil, which employs 9% of the land treated. This product form 25% of local exports, and in connection with which the peninsula is called “perfume”.

The extracted division of the 2-fields shows a coral reef.

Outlines of sea skates resemble the shape of the Higher Island – Grand Tier.

Interesting facts about the flag

The regional symbol of the Department, in reality, repeats its coat of arms, with the only difference being that the inscription “Mayotte” is added from above.

Maotty-3 flag

Non-specialized information about the Mayotte Peninsula

Official language French
Capital Mamudzu
Territory 376 km2
Population 246 489 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978); French Franc (FRF code 250) (until 1999)
Telephone code +33
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