Lesbians flag: colors and meaning

The lesbian flag signs a little. Most people are confident that they are used to designate their unconventional orientation Pride flag of LGBT. This is not the case – the symbolism of gender communities varies, although it can be traced in it a certain similarity. Differences are manifested in the number of bands, their size, painting – lesbian symbolism more restrained.

Flag of lesbian Right

There are no officially recognized symbols of lesbians – all the options that exist at the moment have not received the large-scale distribution. Therefore, today we will talk about what a banner is to consider correct and what meaning it has.

About Lesbian flag

The only correct option of how the lesbian flag looks like, today his new version is recognized, obtaining distribution through social networks in 2018. It looks as follows: the cloth is divided into 7 lanes, three of which are painted in the shades of orange, three more – in the shades of pink. In the middle, there is a white strip. You can see his image below. Since 2020, it has been a bit changed – the second stripes are removed from above and below. After the abbreviated version appears in the community of the lesbian, disputes arose about who offered to use orange-pink symbolism. Version 2020 is presented below.

History of lesbian symbolism: 1999

The flag of lesbian first appeared in 1999 and was called “Labris”. It is characterized by references to the work of Safo, the events of the Second World War. The first publication took place in 2000 in the thematic journal. But, despite greater importance and symbolism, this option did not take it – over time it was replaced with striped canvases. The first version of the symbolism is presented below. On the Internet, you can still meet those who prefer to use this symbol, so if you see it, it means that a person supports the love of biological women to each other.

Flag of lesbian

History of lesbian symbolism: 2010

Since 2010, lesbians who prefer to preserve and emphasize their femininity. Inside the lesbian community, the attitude towards them is skeptical – it is believed that women lead themselves, who show attention to representatives of their sex in order to attract the attention of men. What the flag of lesbians with lipstick looks like a modern version. The differences are manifested in the track from the lipstick on the left at the top and use only shades of pink. The 2010 lesbian banner is based on it – a fondant trail, a combination of stripes and color schemes saved.

What flags in lesbian

In the previous section, several options of what flag of the lesbian exists: you can use any of them. However, when using Options 1999 and 2010 there is a chance that you will not be understood, so it is better to use symbolism 2018-2020 for social networks. Due to the availability of social networks, the orange-pink flag was widespread and is clear to more people supporting the love of bio women to each other or are representatives of the LGBT community. By installing the image of the lesbian banner on the social network, prepare for the attacks of the transfunctional environment.

Deciphering flag lesbian

One knowledge about what the flag of lesbians looks like, not enough. To use it, you must understand the meaning that is invested in this symbol. The 1999 lesbian flag is decrypted as follows:

  • Purple color to designate belonging to the lesbian community (a reference to the work of Safo);
  • black inverted triangle – for the memory of lesbians contained in the camps of the Third Reich for inconsistency by the Nazi ideal of biological women;
  • White double-headed ax (Labris) – as an impersonation of expansion of rights and freedoms.

This flag has a great symbolic value, shows the story of the lesbian movement.

Transfob flag lesbian

Meaning Lesbian flag

Modern lesbian symbolism has the following decoding:

  1. Dark orange to indicate a gender mismatch (not to be confused with tract orientation);
  2. Orange for independence;
  3. Light orange to designate belonging to the lesbian community;
  4. white color to indicate a unique relationship with manifestations of femininity;
  5. Pink to indicate peaceful intentions and serene existence;
  6. Dust pink is used to designate love and sex;
  7. Dark pink indicates femininity.

Lezbians do not refuse their gender, but indicate that they have the right to freely choose who to love them and how to treat their own femininity.

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