Gay pride flags: colors and meaning

The gay flag is the “official” symbol denoting unconventional orientation. We recently saw how social networks (especially Twitter) were filled with a ban on the banner to represent gays and not LGTBQ. Various teams included in LGTBQ have their own flag, but gays have not yet been. This is a need or whim? Do I need to bother about this?

Flag of Homophobes

When someone speaks about the gay team, we immediately come to the Rainbow Flag. And on the contrary, the same thing happens: if we show a rainbow canvas, we think that he belongs to homosexuals. True, it is increasingly associated with all minorities, but it happens homogeneously. Despite the fact that LGTBQ is represented by a rainbow flag, it remains invisible under the generalization of “gays”, the rest of the abbreviations are forgotten.

In this situation, we encountered various flag suggestions for gay collective presentation. All of them are intended to stop associating a rainbow only with gays, and the rainbow is exclusively in order to represent the society of sexual minorities in general.

Flag of unconventional orientation

The banner with the family factions is the author of the Army and another person who remains anonymous. In this case, it makes no sense in the selected colors:

  • In the first case, they are based on the colors of the pink lesbian symbolism;
  • In the second version, the same thing happens: colors are based on another version of the lesbian banner (three-wire), i.e. For the use of these colors there is no point.

Gaisian flag photo

The gay symbol must have a symbolism that will distinguish a group of people from other sexual minorities. Due to the fact that it is just a lesbian version with other colors and without meaning, there is discontent from the community. For all these reasons, a new version was proposed. The offer is based on the analysis of the LGTBQ movement throughout history, gay experience, and banner created by Gilbert Baker (LGTBQ).

What does the Homophobia flag look like

Flag of non-traditional orientation means from above DONAZU: Community, healing, fun, normative gender expression and trans men, pure love, strength, and variety. In addition, the creator made several versions with a different number of bands: 5 to be more easily reproducible and variations 6 bands.

Flag of unconventional orientation

We must understand this as a global and see the importance of gays having their own symbol. With this and in the medium term can be separated from the rainbow banner of the belief that it is the only gay team. In addition, if other acronyms have their own symbol, why gays do not?

Although it may seem absurd, the homosexual is entitled to choose whether he wants this symbol or wants another alternative, we must understand that all this has a positive character in relation to the team as a whole. This increases the appearance of other minorities and gives a gay team identity sign, different from the rainbow.

Flag of unconventional orientation – Photo

Rainbow canvas – International Symbols of Freedom of Choice, which refers to the expression of bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgender.

Homophobes flag as it looks

Includes 6 longitudinal stripes. Colors observe the natural order of the rainbow, except for blue. Displays unity in diversity.

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