The PAN flag: colors and meaning

PAN flag colors: pink, yellow, and blue. Blue color – men’s part, pink – female, and yellow part – an indefinite floor. A few centuries ago, society was strictly divided into two floors: men and women.

Flag Pansexuals

The inclusion of a person in one of these groups was due to its natural state at birth. Therefore, if you were born a “man”, you had an attraction to a person of the opposite sex. In the same way, if you were born with organs characteristic of female nature, you were doomed to live all your lives in this state. There were only two colors: “black” and “white”.

But as society has progressed – especially in the last two centuries – black and white “broke” in a larger stench spectrum, recognizing other intermediate colors, such as dark gray or not quite white. The sexual state became increasingly flexible, eliminating prehistoric prejudices, which are so absurd and superficially determined by human development.

And since there are many genres, and now pansexuality is added, which means this term. People who attract the same gender and other opposite sex; And so infinite combinations. But what if we eliminate barriers between these sexual orientations and give up this strict classification? So, we came to pansexuality.

What does the flag look like

Pansexuality: this is the sexual part of any person, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman. The term indicates a free and elementary way of representing relations between people. There are no people with sexual orientation defined since childhood, so they can become victims of non-unauthorized sex (bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, and t. D.).

Flag Pan

Various sexuality that exists is differentiated by the flag for each floor and sexual classification, but people differ from all these floors (which are strictly not identified with male or female bases). Thus, a pansexual person can be attracted to a person classified in an ethnic group or trigger, while a bisexual person does not. Flag Pan orientation personifies the presence of something average between the male and female nature in the face of yellow color, which is uncertain.

Colors Pansexual pride flag

Pansexual team, as such, is a minority if it is directly compared with other orientations included in LGBT. Symbols of pansexual were developed as a banner for using this community. The flag was posted on several Internet sites from mid-2010. It is used to increase the visibility and recognition of people, as well as for the differentiation of bisexuality.

PAN flag LGBT has a character that characterizes them. It has three colors:
  1. Pink. Presents a female spectrum – female minorities. Located at the top of the web.
  2. Yellow. Symbolizes neutral or uncertain side. Many believe that this strip relates to naturalists that have not yet decided and are on the verge of choice.
  3. Blue. Represents a male spectrum – homosexuality. Located at the bottom of the web

This terminology dates back to Freud, but in the past there was another meaning: since Freud has determined it while the impregnation of famous behavior and the experience of any sexual emotion.

This sexual orientation does not include nor pedophilia, or necrophilia: it is known that pansexuality is associated with sexual imposition to the people of adulthood, regardless of their sexuality. But what is not included in the permissible between them is pedophilia or necrophilia.

New flag Pansexual

The symbolism was developed to highlight a new minority, comparable to the Rainbow Banner of the LGBT community. Used on parades and movements that are conducted in support of human rights, regardless of sexual preferences. Contributes to the best difference between “these” from bisexual. Used to refer to people of various sexual orientations and gender. Pansexual do not have absolutely any restrictions on sex, attraction, love, and marriage. They can do everything. There are no frameworks.

Flag Pan Orientation

Same-sex relationships and marriage – not news. But still, you can meet people who surprise such a phenomenon, while Pansexual have already been “weaned” their own banner. The essence of the current trend from this does not change – same-sex relationship has become the norm of modern society.

Symbols of Pansexuals – the work of people who began to distribute the corresponding terminology. This concept is much wider and more interesting than just bisexuality.

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