Heterosexual flag: meaning and colors

Heterosexuality flag – Natural Symbol. Hetero comes from the Greek word [heterosexuals], which means “other part” used in science as a console, which means the opposite of sexual relationships (i.e. characterizes sexuality or sexual differentiation). The term “heterosexual” was first published in 1892 in the translation of Khufftu Ebuga in Chuddok “Psychopathia Sexualis”. The name began to consume in society since the beginning of the 1920s, but in everyday life, it entered only from the 1960s.

Hetero flag

It is assumed that the term heterosexual was used as a neologism after and against the word Homosexual to Karl Maria Kertbeni in 1868. In LGBT-jargon, this term was used as an offensive phrase for ridicule. The word can be unofficially reduced to “Hetero”. Hetero-movement overtime began to designate himself with various symbols, which received the “official” Meaning relatively recently.

Flag of Heterosexuals

The flag of heterosexuality has several options. One of these images is the combination of the Mars symbol, the Roman God of war, as the final male symbol of masculinity, and Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, as a final female femininity symbol. Unicode Symbol for this Combined Symbol.

Natural flag

The banner represents people who feel attracted to the opposite sex. The standard and most common option have three equal stripes in horizontal position and downward colors in blue, white, and pink colors. Hetero informativeness denotes or is related to the worldview, which promotes heterosexuality as a normal or preferred sexual orientation of people. In this case, strict gender roles are arranged for men and women.

This term was popularized by Michael Warner in 1991. Many scientists on gender and sexuality argue that mandatory heterosexuality, constant and repeating confirmation of heterosexual norms, is an aspect of naturalism. Mandatory heterosexuality is an idea that women’s essence is accepted and forced by a patriarchal society. Naturalism is considered as a natural tendency or obligation of both sexes.

What does the natural flag look like

What flags is natural? Anyone who differs from the normality of heterosexuality is considered deviant or disgusting. Heterosexism is a form of prejudice or discrimination in favor of sexuality and relations of the opposite sex. This may include the assumption that they are all heterosexual, and may include a different level of discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, heterosexuals, or transgender. Symbols are expressed by standard colors and images.

Flag Hetero Orientation

Why flag Gray

The principal position and ideology of naturalists indicate an imposition to the opposite sex. Among the main values ​​of romance, emotions, the physiological and Platonic attraction between a man and a woman. A very long, society was perceived by heterosexuality as the basic principle of relationships between people, which was based on the method of creating marriages and the birth of children.

Flag of heterosexuals

The official flag of hetero is represented in the form of rectangular canvases. It depicts gray, white, and black stripes or a normal family (by hetero). The color of the canvas can be pink or blue. Below is the standard inscription # real family. For the first time in Moscow, this flag appeared on the family day celebration in Sokolniki Park.

Flag of natural orientation

His main goal is to report to people the Meaning of traditional sexual orientation, which is necessary for a bright and happy life. Same-sex marriages have no future, so there is no point in such cells of society that are immoral.

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