Flags Bi: colors and meaning

The purpose of the flag bi – maximize pride and bisexual visibility. Colors are a combination of pink, purple and blue – from top to bottom (horizontal). In the language of manufacturers and technicians; Purple, lavender, and royal blue. Page was inspired by Biangles, two overlapping triangles, one blue and one pink, which were a less well-known symbol of bisexuality at the time.

Bisexual flag

Pink and blue strips occupy 40% each, while the purple strip takes 20%. Pink represents attraction to same-sex people, blue represents attraction to the opposite sex, and purple represents both, therefore, it connects between them.

Flags Bisexual pride

The creator was an activist, Michael Page, who wanted to assign identity symbols to the bisexual community. For the first time, this symbol appeared on stage in 1998 during the first anniversary of Bicafe (December 5, 1998).

On various Internet forums, bisexual users consider this banner unnecessary, because they say “they do not need a symbol that identifies them”. But the opinion diverges – there were also supporters of symbolism.

The fact that the banner exists does not mean that it should represent anyone. If someone wants to be represented by a symbol and considers it successful, he can take this option with joy. Who does not want, he may not take.

We like it or not, we move around the world by category. These categories are bad and good at the same time because they make us see the world in a simple way. But in turn, this simplicity can have negative consequences.

Ever since we were little, we started to label all around, so that we can understand it. The problem arises when these “tags”, a meaning that is rejected surrounding. Some people believe that there are things that do not need labeling – including bisexuality.

As appears Bisexual flag

There is another meaning for the colors and stripes. “The key to understanding the symbolism of the flag is bisexual knowing that purple hues imperceptibly mixed with pink and blue, as in the real world, where people are bisexual mingle with gay, lesbian and heterosexual” – Paige gave explanations on the matter.

bi flag

Symbolism is not only gained in popularity over the last 22 years, but is also inspired by what is commonly referred to as bisexual lighting. This happens when an image, video, or film uses corporate shades to emphasize the bisexuality of a person. This happens, for example, in the Janelle Monáe video clip at Make Me Feel, a song that is already a hymn bi.

Colors Bi flag

A bisexual banner or bisexual pride banner has 3 stripes of different colors:

  1. Pink. Pictures “Homosexuality” or attraction to same-sex people.
  2. Blue. Represents “heterosexuality” or attraction to the opposite sex.
  3. Purple. It is a mixture characteristic of bisexual people in relation to sex because they are attracted by both sexes.

BB Flag

If you pay attention, you will notice that purple is formed by mixing blue with pink, creating a color representative for different floors.

Meaning Bisexual flag

To understand the meaning, it should be clarified that the bisexual community before the appearance of the banner was a symbol for its presentation: famous overlapping blue and pink triangles or crescents. This moon has the same meaning and was created to avoid the use of triangles, as they had previously had a Meaning associated with Nazism. That is why they were changed to the moon, which has a combination of 3 colors.

what flag of bi

After that, Page decided to take three colors formed from this symbolism, and turn them into a banner. Thus, the bisexual flag has three stripes. Purple, representing homosexual sexual orientation; blue, representing heterosexuality; and purple, representing a combination of both orientations, which leads to bisexuality.

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