Flags of Cyprus: meaning and colors

Cyprus is an island government in the Mediterranean Sea. Geographically, he belongs to Asia and has a beautiful climate, and developed tourism, which makes up the main part of GDP.

So the flag of Cyprus looks:

Flag of Cyprus-1

History flags of Cyprus

Until the 1960s, Cyprus was a colony of England, based on this used English flag. On the canvas were depicted 2 border lions from the coat of arms of Richard Lion Heart.

Flag of Cyprus-2

In the first half of the 60s of the twentieth century, at the end of the independence announcement in England, the free flag of Cyprus was approved. The development of the web belonged to a light school teacher. His layout version has become a free vote.

Flag of Cyprus-3

From that time only insignificant configurations occurred in the appearance of the state symbolism.

Copper color whole peninsula:

Flag of Cyprus-4

The increase in the silhouette of the island and changing the branches of the tree:

Flag of Cyprus-5

There is a project for a new flag of Cyprus. It consists of 3 whole horizontal strips of blue, red, and copper colors. But take this option is not officially hurry.

Flag of Cyprus-6


Flag There is a rectangular white rectangle with the silhouette of the island and 2 olive branches. The contours of the country at first were deserted, but at the last moment decided about their painting.

Colors flags of Cyprus

The main color of the canvas is white, with Olive branches on it – green, and the peninsula itself – sand or copper (in various sources, color is designated differently).

The rolling and blue colors on the canvas are not valid: they are shown on a certain country – Greece or Turkey. And the flag should have these 2 countries to connect, and not to highlight some of them.

Meaning colors and flag sign

Symbolism is fully connected with the dilapidated history of Cyprus.

  • On the canvas dominates white. This is self-confidence and personification of peace in the country.
  • Copper color talks about rich copper deposits. In Cyprus, it was found before NE. According to one of the guesses, the personal name of the peninsula took in honor of the Latin title of this chemical element – Cuprum.
  • Two olive branches are two main people inhabiting Peninsula: Greek Cypriots and Cypriot Turks. Their affairs were not always stable, but the branches are praying for accepting a companion to a friend.

Interesting facts about the flag

  • Flag of Cyprus – almost the only flag in the world, on which contours of the country.
  • Cyprus Citizens are in the right to go in swimming under the flag not only of their country, along with Turkish or Greek. There will be no problems later.

Non-specialized information about Cyprus

Official language Greek and Turkish
Capital South Nicosia
Territory 9251 km2
Population 1 266 676 people
Currency Euro (EUR, code 978); Cyprus Pound (CYP, code 196) (until 2008)
Telephone code +357
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