Flag of Nigeria: colors and meaning

The most successful and most successful African government for the size of GDP and an increase in the economy, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, together with the recognition of independence in the past century, took the personal main sign that exists now.

So the modern flag of Nigeria looks:

Flag of Nigeria-1

History flag of Nigeria

Adopted in the first half of the 60s of the twentieth century, at the end of the victory of his layout in the competition. The victory was won by a student – Michael Taways Akinkun. The competitive sign looked not quite much, in another case, than the one that we used to establish – it was the sun located on the white part of the flag. It was decided to remove, in the event of what the Council of the Judge Board decided that.

But he had a couple of predecessors. South and North Nigeria, located in the English citizenship, had blue flags, in which the west, in the highest part, was located Union Jack, and the spree was a badge with the tit background. Their main difference was his color, red – from the north, green – at the south.

In 1914, two parts of the country were combined, later reached and the flag – a red circle with a green five-pointed star in the center was used as a badge, between the rays of which was placed the crown and the inscription Nigeria. The star from the colonial flag was at first depicted on the jug that was found by the governor.

Flag of Nigeria-2 Flag of Nigeria-3

Nigeria was the colony of Great Britain from 1870 to 1960.


It is a tricolor with vertical stripes equal to width – the latter has the same color, the central of them differs from them. The parties relate as one to two.

Colors of the flag of Nigeria

На флаге Нигерии расположены следующие цвета:

  1. White;
  2. Green.

Meaning colors flag of Nigeria

  1. Green – Crack Earths and Natural Wealth.
  2. White – World and Unity.

Other flags

  • Trade fleet made a personal distinctive sign – Red Flag with state left.

Flag of Nigeria-4

  • Navy, not counting this, did not remain aside, his symbol is a white canvas with the Nigerian stag on the left and with the coat of arms of the fleet on the right.

Flag Nigeria-5

From 1960 to 1998, the 2nd Naval Flag was used:

Flag of Nigeria-6

The cloth Nigeria is a pretext for the pride of local residents, due to the fact that it was approved after the end of how the country gained freedom from the British crown. That year, much remembered quiet – it was the birthday of a new country.

General information about Nigeria

Official language English, Yoruba, and Igbo
Capital Abuja
Territory 923 768 km2
Population 210 008 216 people
Currency Naira (₦) (NGN)
Telephone code +234
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