Flag of Myanmar: meaning and color

Myanmar (former Burma) – Small Government in Southeast Asia. Staying surrounded by more powerful neighbors, the country has not been conquered, changing not only the name, and the municipal flag.

So the modern flag of Myanmar looks:

Flag Myanmar-1

History flag Myanmar

One of the first recognizable flags was the foundation with the image of a Peacock. He became the municipal sign of the Baboon family, the Third Burmese of the Empire, who ruled on these lands from 1752 to 1853.

Flag Myanmar-2

  • From 1853 to 1876 there was a Burmese empire with a flag and a red image of the Black Cross.

Flag Myanmar-3

Flag Myanmar-4

  • From 1937 to 1941, the government took the flag: the dark blue cloth with the Flag of England in shine. On the right side of the flag – inscribed in the circle of Peacock.

Flag Myanmar-5

  • Since 1941 – 1942 used the flag of a separate colony.

Flag Myanmar-5

From 1943 to 1945, Burma was under the government occupied by the Government of the Rising Sun. In those years, the flag was used with 3 horizontal stripes of yellowish, greenish, red colors. In the center, there was a circle of white with peacocks.

Flag Myanmar-7

  • From 1943 to 1945 it was used in a single flag during the Japanese occupation.

Flag Myanmar-8

  • In the last year of occupation again changed the flag.

Flag Myanmar-9

Later returned to the blue flag with a sign England in the upper left corner and a peacock on the right.

January 4, 1948, Burma became free from England And he took a new red flag with a blue quarter in the upper left corner with the stars. The big star personified the union, and the 5 stars surrounding it were 5 ethnic signs.

Flag Myanmar-10

The flag was official until the beginning of 1974 – just then seemed Socialist Republic of Burma Alliance. Flag exchanged and flag: instead of stars, sheep rice was surrounded by 14 stars. Sheaf Rise is a working success and class. Stars – signs of administrative division of the country.

Flag Myanmar-11

In 2010, the Government approved a new name for the country – the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Together with this approved and a new modern flag.

In 2008, during the Olympiad in China, the fans from Taiwan waved the flag of Myanmar, t. To. The Taiwan flag is forbidden.

Description of the flag of Myanmar

Flag of rectangular shape, folding from 3 isometric horizontal stripes: yellow, green, and red. The center of the panel is located a large white five-pointed star. New State Flag – a combination of the Burmese country and Burma’s banners.

Flag Myanmar resembles a state ground Lithuania with the only difference that it is supplemented with a white star.

Meaning colors flag Myanmar

  • Three multicolored stripes on a tie – signs of peace, stability, and courage, respective residents of the country.
  • A five-pointed white star is placed in the center of the banner.
  • The green color of her flag symbolizes the world, calm, and prosperity; For the solidarity of all people of the country responds yellow, and red testifies determination and valor.
  • A huge white star – the symbol of the country’s endless existence.

At the end of the approval of the new flag, the government obliged residents of the country to burn all the twisters used in the past modes. From this point on, the inhabitants of the country had to associate themselves directly with the new flag.

Other Flags Myanmar

  • National League for Democracy flag;

Flag of Myanmy

  • Flag of Navy, Myanmar.

Flag Myanmar-13

Myanmar has passed a long way to complete self-determination and independence, and this path is not over previous time.

Non-specialized information about Myanmar

Official language Burmese
Capital Napyido
Territory 678 500 km2
Population 52 885 223 people
Currency Myanmar kyat
Telephone code +95
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