Flag of Guadeloupe: meaning and colors

Guadeloupe – the Smoking Department of France, one of the former colonies of this country, whose symbolism is quite right good attention.

History flag of Guadeloupe

The history of the origin of the flag of Guadeloupe’s breathes by terrible events: from the first half of the XVII century for two-hundredth years, this island government was the disputed territory between France and England, doesn’t matter which of which retired the right to possession of the peninsula. First, in 1635, Personal rights showed France, the impressive part of the indigenous population of the island, reincarnating his colony to cultivate a sweet cane. From that time, Guadeloupe moved to the hands and French of the British, at the end of which was officially recognized by the French territory in 1814.

Currently, the country is available to France’s France Department and has official and unofficial symbols, extinguishing the history of the former colony.

So looks flag of Guadeloupe:

Flag of Guadeloupe-1


The official flag of the former colony is a white cloth in which the small-dimensional rectangle, divided into two parts, blue and green, drawing, is inscribed in size. The figure depicts a navy blue bird flying in the background of a rising sun. Under the two-color rectangle, there is an inscription in black in French, “Guadeloupe Region”, highlighted by a yellow line.

Guadeloupe has two unofficial flags.

The 1st unofficial flag is divided into 2 colors, blue and red, on two unequal parts. Three stylized French heraldic lilies are uniformly located on the blue part. On the Red Piece of Green Sweet Cane, which is behind the Sun.

Flag of Guadeloupe-2

In the 2nd flag instead of red, black, hinting at the black origin of people collecting a sweet cane.

Flag of Guadeloupe-3

Colors of the flag

Colors, which are used on the flag of the France Department:

  1. White;
  2. Yellow;
  3. Green;
  4. Blue;
  5. Light-blue;
  6. Red.

Flower values ​​and flag sign

The official banner of the former colony and its symbolism matter:

  1. Green – evergreen vegetation of the island;
  2. Blue – unwedded blue sky over the grader;
  3. Yellow ball – the sun and the warm climate of the island;
  4. Light-blue Tick – Sea Bird.

In general, the banner carries the symbolism of the natural aspect of the former colony.

One of the unofficial flags of the France of France has a certain essence:

  • Red – the valor and the courage of the inhabitants of the island, fought for their independence and the benefit of France;
  • Blue – the color of the sea surrounding the peninsula;
  • Three yellow lilies on the blue part of the flag – referred to the old French king banner, denoting a long time of finding the island in the possession of France;
  • Yellow Sun – the goodwill of Guadeloupe to tourists;
  • Green Cane Oakka – the main export product of the island.

Symbols of the banner reflect its position and history in the modern economy.

Official events are more often used by the official flag of the Department of French Tricolor.

Guadeloupe – one of those countries whose design is not just a set of fictional contrasting colors and symbols. This is a colony whose history is actually later and blood is drawn on this fabric.

Non-specialized information about Guadeloupe

Official language French
Capital Bas-ter
Territory 1628.43 km2
Population 382 704 people
Currency Euro
Telephone code +590
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