Flag of Czechoslovak: colors and meaning

Czechoslovakia is a state that existed from 1918 to 1993. Its state symbolism is based on local legends. Today, in the territory belonging to this country, the Czech Republic is located, which uses the flag of Czechoslovakia as its state symbol. Interesting the fact that the Czechoslovak Republic, unlike other states, carried its banner through the whole story – it was practically not subjected to changes. And this is despite the multiple redistributions of territory, frequent change of name.

Flag of Czechoslovakia

Flag of Czechoslovakia – Photo

In the formation of the republic in 1918, a two-color cloth was used to designate the state of Washington. Two bands (the same width) of white and red colors were present on it. The photo is shown below.

Flag of Czechoslovakia Pictures

Today, similar colors and their location on the cloth uses Poland. Long this option did not last – by the end of 1918, the development of an alternative Czechoslovak Flag began in the state. In the summer of 1919, it was decided to add blue. In 1920, the final version of the symbolism was presented.

In this option, he existed before the decay of the state.

Description and decoding symbolism

From the tree on the cloth, there is an equitable triangle (wedge) in blue. The cloth itself is horizontally divided into two parts: at the top, it has a white color, below painted in red.

The Czechoslovak flag can be decrypted as follows:

  1. The triangle of the trek is a symbol of a cloudless sky and clear horizons;
  2. White means cleanliness and peace;
  3. Red – blood symbol that patriots were shed in order for the country to be free.

Blue color can be interpreted as a symbol of Moravia. The equilateral triangle on the cloth is the designation of equality of all peoples living in the state.

Flag Czechoslovak in 1939

In the fall of 1938 after the signing of the Munich Agreement, the Republic lost the Sukan region. After the loss of part of the territory began the reorganization of the state. In the period from 1939 to 1945, the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia from the Government of Germany acted on the territory of the country.

The territory was occupied, the Czechoslovak government was in exile. But it did not affect the flag of Czechoslovakia – other state symbols changed, the population was sent by invaders to work, and he did not change. No changes were made after the end of World War II.

Flag Czechoslovak in 1968

This year was marked by attempts to change the political structure of the state. The country began the uprising, the name “Prague Spring”. During this period, for the first time in 20 years, asymmetry was observed in the national-state device – the Czech Republic had the relevant authorities, there were no appropriate authorities, in Slovakia had.

Czechoslovak flag remains the same – amazing stability.

Flag Czechoslovak in 1980

He did not change in 1980, although from 1969 within the country there was already a federal division into two republics with individual names. He existed until the fall of the communist regime in 1989 and was late – Czechoslovakia itself broke up only in 1993.

To explain such a strong commitment to the power and population to the version of the flag of Czechoslovakia, adopted in 2020, is difficult. Perhaps the reason in a beautiful legend about the two brothers who created the Czech Republic, because today this symbolism denotes the state of the former Czechoslovak territory – the Government in the formation of the Czech Republic was chosen the old version instead of a new banner.

Flag of Communist Czechoslovakia

During communism, this symbol of state was not subject to change, unlike symbols of other countries. Alternative history lovers have developed a new version of the Czechoslovak Flag. Its image is below.

Flag of Czechoslovakia 1980

And here there are no significant changes in symbols:

  • stripes of the same size are located horizontally, the colors are saved;
  • an equilibrated blue triangle – in place;
  • The only difference is a red five-pointed star in the center of the triangle.

The star-entered in the banner of the Red Color indicates the state belonging to the Communist Group.

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