Flag of Bermuda: pictures and meaning

Bermuda Islands – part of possessions England. These days, they retain personal internal sovereignty, but the authorities of the British monarchy are subject to it. This country carries the title of England’s overseas.

The municipal flag of Bermuda has its own raisins of appearance and emphasizes the special status of the country.

So the flag of the Bermuda Islands:

Flag of Bermuda Islands-1

History flag of Bermuda

Starting from 1707, the flag of the colony was light Union Jack, nationwide. It began to be used from the moment Bermuda became colony England.

Flag of Bermuda Islands-2

First, the most 1st version of the flag of the Bermuda wastelands was adopted in 1875. At that time, his background was still blue, which should have symbolized the domination of England like sea powers. At that time, the emblem of the country was stated to the right on the flag, but the emblem of the round form, on which the marina was depicted next to her 3 sailing ships. Application to sign was acceptable for all British colonies.

Flag of Bermuda Islands-3

This flag remained to continue until the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1910, the Bermuda wastelands seemed a unique coat of arms, which began to be depicted on the flag kneading the past colonial emblem. 1st options with a changed on the emblem were familiar with unofficial.

The original time the flag with a red background appeared at the end of the XIX century, at the time, at the time, at the time, at the time, at the time when he began to raise living on the Yachtsmen Islands from Great Britain. In the upcoming flag, the flag began to be used more and more often, and in 1915 the color of the panels was completely changed to red officially, this movement was approved by the Queen of Great Britain significantly later – in the 2nd half of the 60s of the twentieth century.

Flag of Bermuda Islands-4

In subsequent years, the flag was subjected to small transformations, which were in charge of, at first, the color was tone against the background, detail, and size of parts of the depicted coat of arms. These changes were actually invisible. The final version was adopted in the 2nd half of the 90s of the twentieth century and is consumed at the moment.


The flag of the Bermuda islands has one longer different from the banner of the second overseas territories of Great Britain – instead of usually being used for their blue feed flag, it has a red background of the Red Trade Flag of Britain. The use of red background – great uniqueness. Other values ​​that have had a similar difference – Canada and South Africa during the colonial period.

The flag has a not-good aspect ratio of 1:2. Visually it is permissible to conditionally divide into two equal parts. On the left side of the top depicted the State Flag of the United Kingdom and Red and White Color – Union Jack. It is located so that it occupies exactly one-fourth part of the entire canvas.

To the right in the center, it is permissible to see the coat of arms Bermuda. It depicts a red lion, he sits an Afas, faces the viewer, and holds a shield in his paws with a blue background. The shield depicts a crash scene – this is the wreck of the ship “Maritime Success”, which happened in 1609 near the islands. Saved passengers and formed the most 1st colonial settlement.

At the coat of arms itself, there is a phrase “Skin Pokrov Fata Ferunt”, which translated from Latin indicates “where the future will bring”. Interestingly, on the flag of the country, only the coat of arms is depicted, the motto is absent.

There are a couple of the main options of the flag – they all retain the integrity of the parts, but differ in the sphere, in which they use:

  1. The official sign of the overseas terrain itself – it will be able to use various organizations and citizens of the country, both on land and on the courts.
  2. Bermuda’s government flag – like most of the benign known colonies, it has a blue background color, all other elements are located quite right as well as on the state version.
  3. A separate flag is available from the governor of the country. This option is different from the state framed in the form of a wreath near the coat of arms of the country, and the emblem himself is located in the center of the Union Jack.

Bermuda colors involved on the flag are not bad for most countries the essence. The red color symbolizes courage and courage, white is considered a sign of zeal to the world, and blue personifies the purposefulness and justice of people.

The shade of red differs from the used on the second British signs – Bermud is 186 color according to the Pantone classification (Dark Red), is usually used shade 185 (Old Glory).

Meaning colors flag of Bermuda

  1. Fluster of red – reference to the flag of the English shopping fleet.
  2. Located in the upper left corner Union Jack – a sign that the Bermuda islands are under the rule of the English kingdom.
  3. Red Lion, which is depicted on the coat of arms – the official emblem of the United Kingdom. The scene on the shield in the paws at the lion is reflected for the events of history, which became the beginning of the colonization of Bermuda.

Non-specialized information about the Bermuda Islands

Official language English
Capital Hamilton
Territory 54 km2
Population 71 750 people
Currency Bermuda dollar (from February 1970) (BMD, code 60)
Telephone code +1-441
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