Flag of Angola: meaning and colors

The Angolan flag was adopted on November 11, 1975, soon after receiving the state of independence from Portugal.

Angola Flag-1

History flag of Angola

In addition, without looking at the fact that the answer was pleasant in the 70s, it was legally entered into force in the first half of the 90s of the XX century. Previously, the use of the flag was distributed everywhere, but without legitimate, legitimate force.

Angola flag is divided into 2 parts – the top half of the red, and the lower half of the black. In the center of the flag is the coat of arms of the Yellow State, submitted by a part of the gear, machete, and a star. Items marked in the coat of arms of the country mean industrial and agricultural workers of the state. A gear wheel is represented by a symbol of workers, machete means peasants and armed resistance of the state, the star personifies international solidarity. The red flag means blood spilled by Angeles during the National Liberation War and in the period of protection of the country. Black color assumes African continent. Yellow means Mineral wealth in Angola. The Angola flag was installed at a time when the Marxist government was in the country, as well as as a result of which reminds the party symbol.

At the time when Angola was, the province of Portugal Meaning Cyllagologist Almeid Langhans in his own book introduced a proposal for all the overseas provinces to introduce a banner based on Portugal. But the project was not supported.

Angola Flag-2.

The modern flag retains the continuity of the flag of people’s movement for the liberation of Angola (founded in 1956), which put the full liberation of the country from outdoor Portugal.

In addition, a five-pointed star on the flag of public movement (a sign of American values ​​and capitalism – America It actively took a role in the revolutionary sentiments in the country) was replaced by the hammer and communist Sickle, – the USSR managed to introduce its own impact on the republic. Star, still preserved on the flag, but already with Russian interpretation of meaning and at a small scale.

At the moment, the Angola Constitutional Commission leads to the creation of a new flag project with other colors and the sun in the center:

Angola-3 flag

Description flag of Angola

Angola Flag-4

Modern format of the flag of Angola has a proportion of 2:3. Camera 2 horizontal, parallel stripes, throughout the flag.

Instead of sickle and hammer on the flag of Angola, there are other signs, which resemble Russian signs. SERP – replaced by a technological gear – a sign of technological progress and industrial development. Hammer – Machete – a sign of courage, zeal and farmers to victory.

Also, at the top of the composition there is a five-pointed star – solidarity with international society and commitment to politics of several vectors of development.

Meaning flag Angola

  1. Yellow color – prosperity and prosperity. All elements of the composition are painted directly in this color.
  2. Red – shed blood sign by population Ukraine, under the colonial board Portugal. Also, this is a blood sign that sheds already under the liberation of the country from external and internal oppressors.
  3. Black – Non-specialized people sign African continent and African origin.

Non-specialized information about Angola

Official language Portuguese
Capital Luanda
Territory 1 246 700 km2
Population 32 522 339 people
Currency Kwanza (AOA, code 973)
Telephone code +244
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