Bulgarian flag: photo and history

The flag of Bulgaria was approved on April 16, 1879, Article 23 of the First Bulgarian Constitution. The colors of the flag of Bulgaria are approved by such: white-green and red tricolor. The Republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe. This state was part of the EU, and until 1989 was part of the USSR. Now the main sectors of the economy of this country are agriculture, the sphere, and tourism of the defendants. Population – more than 7 million people. The database of fate and the history of the Republic of the people of this country are expressed in the state symbolism, the second word in the flag.

So the flag of Bulgaria looks like: photo

Flag of Bulgaria-1

History of the flag of Bulgaria

The predecessor of the modern flag was out of 3 colors, which were in the subsequent sequence: greenish, snow-white, red (top-down). It was in the times of Bulgarian Legia (1861-1862). The Bulgarian Republic fought for independence for many years. In the Volunteer detachment of Philip Soyu, in the Serbian-Turkish war (1876-1877), a cloth with a revolving placement of colors was used.

Flag of Bulgaria-2

  • In the 1870s, the green and white-red tricolor became the flag of the Bulgarian revolutionary CC.

As the municipal symbol of white-green-red tricolor was approved by the Bulgarian Constitution on April 16, 1879. From 1947 to 1990, the emblem of the Bulgarian People’s Republic was depicted on the hatch – the raised lion in the shield. The proportions of the panels were 2:3. With the arrival of the newest constitution, the coat of arms from the rookie was removed, and the proportions changed to 3:5.

Flag of Bulgaria-3

Blank militia banner. The main winner of the revolution was Zhora Perekovich Rakovsky.


Modern Bulgarian flag folds from 3 colors: white, green, and red. This municipal symbol is a rectangular cloth with a size of 3:5, and all colored horizontal strips areometric on it. The flag was approved on November 27, 1990 (for the original time in 1879).

From 1947 to 1990, the appearance of the coat of arms was changed. The background of the shield at first was red, after the end of what is blue. Later changed lion and color: yellow, brown, white.

Colors of the flag Bulgarian

Colors are known for nothing to be installed by the case: they constantly carry the essence. The State Sign of Bulgaria has not changed its own white-green-red tricolor from the nineteenth century. Only a sequence of colors bands changed.

The Meaning of the sign and colors of the flag

  1. White color – a symbol of freedom and the world. The independence of Bulgaria was defended for many years, based on this citizens of the country calculate freedom to be one of the main benefits for the country.
  2. Green – Agriculture, Love for Nature and Forest.
  3. Red – blood spilled in the course of the struggle for independence from Turkey.

The Bulgarian Navy flag has the same colors, but the size of the bands on it is 2nd. 1/3 From the width of the panels occupy green and red colors and 2/3 – white. This states that this day for Bulgaria is very principled freedom and independence. Also, the coat of arms of the country is depicted. In other cases, the image of the coat of arms on the flag (and on the contrary) is unacceptable.

For the Bulgarian, the country’s state symbolism is very responsible in the circumstance that it carries the memory of victories and the losses of these people. A whole list of rules prohibiting the transformation of the symbolism of the Republic.

Non-specialized information about Bulgaria

Official language Bulgarian
Capital Sofia
Territory 110 993.6 km2
Population 6 924 733 people
Currency Bulgarian Lion (BGN, code 975)
Telephone code +359
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