Flag of Mauritania: meaning and colors

Mauritania is a small government in West Africa with an area of ​​1.0 million. Sq.km., washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Official language assists Arabic. Country of a different ethnic nation – part occupy Meyer – Arabs, the second – Afro-American African peoples. Municipal Religion – Islam.

So the modern flag of Mauritania looks like this:

Flag of Mauritania-1

In the article, we will tell everything for you to know about the flag of Mauritania.

Mauritania – a developing power with a low level of fate in comparison with other regions of the mainland. In the 1960s, the locality was found by the deposits of steel ore. Now, this is the basis of the economy of the Magaña country.

History flag of Mauritania

Personal Official Flag of Mauritania took in the 2nd half of the 50s and years at the end of the country’s independence referendum. Creator of the panel – Mortar Jeddah (Prime Minister and the 1st President – Minister of Countries). Before the adoption of independence, people were under the wing of the French colony, and at the end of the foundation, it does not have all rights and freedoms.

Flag of Mauritania-2

In the country of previous time at the official level, slavery.

Until 2017, the flag was greenish colors with a crescent and star and a star and the same year, the president of Mauritania made a change in the appearance of the appearance. The people gave the banner and consent to the focuary new face – two red stripes were added to green colors.


The canvas of the green color, on top and bottom two equal in the width of the strip of red. In the middle – an inverted crescent and a five-pointed star.

It is found to find a cloth of Mauritania – ascending. 2nd side – Mirror reflection first.

Colors of the flag of Mauritania

Flag rectangular shapes. Colors:

  1. Green;
  2. Red;
  3. Yellow.

Color ratio proportions – 3:2.

Flag options

Flag of Mauritania-3 Flag of Mauritania-4

Meaning colors the flag of Mauritania

  1. Green symbolizes the religion of the country – Islam.
  2. Star (and yellow crescent) – Sugar desert, which occupies an impressive part of the country.
  3. Red – broken blood for freedom and independence of Mauritania.

Non-specialized information about Mauritania

Official language Arab
Capital Nouakchott
Territory 1 030 700 km2
Population 3 359 185 people
Currency Agia
Telephone code +222
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